a perfect cup of joe

turk woke me up early way too early this morning (despite looking like he wants to keep sleeping in that picture). and all i can think about is a really huge cup of iced coffee to get things going today. i’m not a very good coffee maker or mixer, so i’m always interested in learning how to mix coffee drinks properly. and what better what to do it than with a seriously cool print from plaid-creative? tom and the team at plaid created this coffee chart that maps out everything from the cafe latte to the miami vice. yep, the miami vice (americano + cubano coffee + hot water + sugar). this print is part of a limited run, so if you’re interested in picking one up, just shoot tom and email right here. thanks, tom!

*update! you can now buy this poster right here for $33

2 parts coffee 1 part enthusiasm

I love coffee culture. Very well designed print.


Just emailed Tom re this print – I love it! Might order one for my mom too as she loves coffee!


Great chart, except where’s cafe au lait? It’s a staple and much more common that a few of the drinks on there. And the cafe latte is incorrect on this chart, it’s made with espresso instead of coffee. Overall lovely design though.


this is fantastic. Anyone know how much they are charging?



Price coming soon- Tom is waiting on rates from the printer. If you email him he can update you with a price asap :)



What a cool looking poster, and helpful, too! I was just showing my boyfriend how to make my lattes this morning. :) It would be fun to try these out as well!


What an incredible poster! I adore it! I agree with Escondido Jess about the Vietnamese, though.


Wow, what a fantastic poster and so wonderfully designed. My coffee-addict sister would LOVE this!


This totally irks me as a long time barista. A latte…2/3 coffee and 1/3 milk?! Absolutely not! This is why Starbucks is so popular I guess. sigh*


Hi Wendi, thanks for the heads up we were floated recipes from all different baristas from all over and we are currently updating some recipes before it goes to print. Thanks everyone for your interest. Remember to email me at Tom@plaid-creative.com if you would like a print.


Both the latte and the galão are made with espresso. Still a nice poster :)


The Poster is very nice… would be very nice, if it would be correct. in vienna, the Melange is a coffee with milk and milk-cream on it. i’m not a proffessional, but this is basic stuff! (unfortunately neither in vienna every Melange is the same, but allways a mix of milk and coffee)
besides: i’m viennes, but never heard of a vienna coffe ;-)


Gorgeous design. I agree that there are a few drinks that need correcting… But if you tweak them like you say you will, I’ll buy it and hang it up in our cafe!


Second Bruno… I don’t know if I could purchase a coffee poster that didn’t know a latte from a cafe au lait, but it’s so pretty!

Edmund Kensington Burbank

This design would be great on a blanket, a warm message that is perfect for your morning awakening. I can imagine slipping into my slippers with this blanket around me and brewing the breve.