weekly wrap up + laura felicity

i don’t think i can bare to be away from my new bike any longer so i’m going to run away from my laptop as quickly as possible and hop on for a quick ride (pictures coming soon) before it starts to cloud over too much. before i head out i wanted to share these beautiful new wallpaper designs from laura felicity. i love their soft, hand-drawn feel. i’d love to cover a bedroom or sunny bathroom in this paper- it looks so romantic. click here for more info on laura’s work. i’m heading out now, i hope you all have a wonderful weekend! below is a summary of this week’s highlights, and a reminder to sign up for the d*s consulting email/survey if you’d like to be eligible for the free consulting session (deadline is tonight!).


Wow that wallpaper really is so beautiful very soft and feminine. Go have fun on your bike! Hope you are enjoying the sun.

Heather Moore

So pleased you’re enjoying your bike! I bought myself a little Dahon foldup while we were in NY, but got my funky Bern helmet from Adeline Adeline. Loved biking in New York, and am most envious of you, now I’m back home in CT. Have fun!


They are lovely but is it just my imagination or do they look a bit crumpled like as if they’re not actually attached to the wall.


This post just inspired me to go for a bike ride around the neighborhood. Thank you!