weekly wrap up + 3D typography

today i’m cleaning up around the house so i can spend my weekend checking out renegade in brooklyn, but before i sign off and start straightening up, i wanted to share this beautiful new book written by two of dwell and american craft magazine’s (i love that mag) team members (jeanette abbink and emily cm anderson). “3-D typography” is a fantastic collection of three-dimensional type from over 100 international artists, designers and typeface specialists. i love the growing green version above, but there’s plenty more to see. click here to check more more of the book online. thanks, adri!


Hey Grace, check out my friend
DESIRA PESTA when you’re at Renegade. She’s a really great clothing designer i think you’d like!


Think I lovethe moss words more than anything ever! How beautiful is that? took my breath away thanks for sharing!

Sisters Unique

This “3-D typography” feature is absolutely brilliant — especially the moss lettering on the wall. We used moss to spruce up our store for springtime, and we agree that you can NEVER have to much moss. Lovely post!

Style Attic

This has to be one of the coolest posts I’ve ever seen! I LOVE creative minds that can inspire!! Amazing :)


I simply adore that pebble alphabet! I love collecting beach pebbles but my collection only extends to hearts.

Kathy St.Clair

What stunning type this is. So fresh and creative.

Having been put through a glorious sort of typography boot-camp in my second year at University, this just makes me smile, it’s so great to see type being used as tactile expression.

I know my type-fanatic lecturers would have loved this.


i know there’s a how-to some place here about the moss art – any clues where to find it? i’d love to do this with the children in my daycare centre.