we like it wild: a choo wedding

We are so excited to show you some photos from a recent April wedding- Jill and Matt’s! Jill will tell you about her planning process and we’ll share some of the fun projects we made for the big event. And we send big thanks to the fabulous Rikki Ward for photographing the event beautifully, getting Jill out from behind the camera, and sending us images so quickly! -The Studio Choo Team

[The following text is by Jill] I know this sounds corny but the week leading up to our wedding was one of the best weeks of my life.  My family and friends were in town from the East Coast (I only get to see them once or twice a year) and there was so much happy excitement and anticipation in the air. All the final details we had been discussing for months were falling into place; everyone hung out together, ate, drank, laughed about funny stories, fondly told sad stories, and helped with the cleaning, decorating, cutting, pasting, hanging, and arranging in preparation for the wedding. It was just plain great.

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Matt and I wanted our wedding to be a big party with an easygoing feeling and filled with fun little details about us. We chose the greenhouse location because it was playful and quirky, already covered with natural decorations (so I didn’t have to stress too much about the flowers), and was close to our home and hotels for easy travel planning. There were so many pieces that our friends and family helped us put together to make the day just right; from the sweet wooden signs marking the way to the greenhouse (made by Matt’s Dad) to the lovely music our good friend Mikey played while we walked down the aisle. Matt created playlists of our favorite songs (including “Love Shack” for my Dad and “Jumpin’ Jack Flash” for his Dad and Uncles) and we cranked the music from a big speaker next to the stage where dancing went on into the night.

The night before the wedding my “we like it wild” girls (Lia the bridesmaid and new cousin-in-law, Alethea the maid of honor and best friend) and I stayed in a hotel room together. We cracked a bottle of wine, wound down after the “rehearsal dinner” celebration, and started making our bouquets and the boutonnieres. My flowers were a mix of all my tiny favorites; lily of the valley, muscari, forget-me-nots, fritillaria, and ranunculus tied off with a vintage lily of the valley ribbon. The girls had big, wild, yellow and white bouquets with trout lily, ferns, ranunculus, giant dubium and fritillaria, tulips, and orchids. We also made boutonnieres, corsages, and hair pins out of assorted silk flowers and vintage fixings (in the weeks leading up to the wedding) and set them out along with fresh blossoms for the guests to put on as they entered the greenhouse. It was so fun to see what each person chose and how they wore it. I think my favorite was Matt’s friend Steve who wore a feather comb in his jacket pocket.

I was lucky enough to have an amazing friend-of-a-friend designer create my petal dress, and seeing the process from sketch/to muslin/to the real dress come alive was such a cool experience. My favorite detail was a profile charm with my mom’s name on it (that belonged to my grandmother) that I asked the designer to put on the back of the dress. My mom passed away when I was fifteen and my grandmother a few years later so it was really special to have a little visible memory of them both with me that day.

Since I got to have a dress made just for me, I wanted to give the guys in the wedding party a personalized piece of their outfit too. Alethea and I visited Britex to pick out a few fabrics, and I enlisted the help of two very talented ladies to do the rest. Jenny (who also makes beautiful baby blankets and aprons) expertly whipped up six beautiful ties and Alexa (filmmaker and Little Otsu button queen) skillfully embroidered my requested names.

We didn’t feel like the greenhouse was the right setting for a big sit-down meal and we are snackers anyway (I’d rather have a spread of olives, dips, and bites than a big meal), so we asked our amazing caterer to create a seasonal menu of passed appetizers and platters for us. He prepared beautiful bite-size versions of our favorite dinner foods inspired by spaghetti and meatballs, steak and asparagus, grilled cheese and tomato soup, and carnitas tacos.

We used a bakery that Matt’s family has been going to for years for all the desserts, and who make his favorite raspberry cream “frogs”.  They fit in quite well at the greenhouse with the resident frogs that sing very loudly in the afternoon. There was even a carrot cake that our dogs stood on (created in miniature form by the talented Sian Keegan). Bernie and Pee Wee love carrots. I also printed candy bags for guests to fill up at our treat table with gummies galore, oatmeal raisin cookies, runts, and caramel robin eggs.

I designed our save the dates to look like botanical specimen tags and give some clues on the type of location we had chosen. There was a small bottle with a secret message inside that gave our wedding website so out of town guests could plan early. Matt and I gocco’d, punched, ribbonned, tied, and glued for a few weeks! We were so happy with the way the whole package turned out.

For our favors we wanted to include a little gift that had a part from each of us. I love gardening and Matt loves pickle making so we included his simple pickle recipe and seeds for the main ingredients. I gocco-printed a bag with orchid silhouettes to form the word LOVE, we packaged dill and cucumber seeds, and made labels that Matt’s mom sewed onto little glassine envelopes. The bags sat in a giant nest for our guests to pick up on their way out.

Location: Shelldance Orchid Gardens

Photography: Rikki Ward

Catering: Jersey Tomatoes

Desserts: Copenhagen Bakery

Bride’s Custom Dress: Angela DeMartini

Bride’s Headpiece: Feathers & Frills

Hair: Camilla Betteridge

Groom’s Suit: J Crew

Custom Ties and Tie Embroidery: Jenny Rinzler and Alexa Fraser

Vintage Ribbon: The Ribbonerie

Bridesmaid’s Dresses: Anthropologie

Custom Dog Portrait Cake Topper: Sian Keegan

Custom Inter-species Couple Topper: Megan Bogonovich


What a gorgeous wedding! So unique and thoughtful!! Looked like a beautiful day all around! Best wishes to the newly weds!


This was a beautiful wedding!! CONGRATS! They were soo creative in such simple ways… I looove the location!


copenhagen bakery is the best! when i was at burlingame high school, we’d go there for breakfast before class…and my mom gets me one of those frogs for every birthday :)


absolutely stunning and refreshing. love the flowers and the ties and the dress. plus, it looked like a fun time!!


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Ashley Yazzie

This wedding is enough to make me want to get re-married to husband! Absolutely beautiful, creative, and joyful.


THIS IS WONDERFUL! so much earth and love and happy happy feelings. one of my favorite aisles i have yet to see! congrats!


You have successfully distracting me from what I’m supposed to be doing. This is just beautiful. So original and personal. Love.


aww! they got married on my bday! what an amazing celebration :o)

Becoming Mrs. Ford

This wedding has so much pattern and color, its so unique. You can see the joy on everyones faces, the true mark of a good wedding!


The whole thing looks so enchanted and full of color and life. Congratulations!

Tricia Rose

All the wonderful loving thought in every detail – what flowers ! the tiny boutonniere bouquets are adorable.

that is just what a wedding should be, so personal….

Alexandra Duron

This is the most charming & beautiful wedding!

Alice at Simply The Nest

Fabulous wedding – so personal and fun. What an awesome location! And I’m so going to get Sian Keegan to create cloth versions of my two Jack Russells :-)


Congratulations! What a gorgeous wedding, down to earth and personal, truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing your lovely day with us! :)


Congratulations! What a beautiful and personal wedding. Love all the colors and patterns. You can see the joy on everyone’s faces.

T. Crane

What a beautiful wedding! I visited Shelldance nursery for the first time a month ago and my first thought was how lovely a setting for a wedding party. ; )

Congrats to you, and many years of joy together.


Love it. It seems very “organic”. I like that it just fits them and not some national idea about weddings.

Decor Girl

Wow, what a pretty wedding! The flowers for each guest are soooo cute and such a clever idea.

The pictures make me feel like I walked right it. Bravo for skipping the over-the-top everyday frou frou in favor of something much more unique. Everyone in attendance must have felt so special, as the details were as much for the guests as they were for the couple.

Simply elegant!


Oh wow! This is absolutely amazing. I don’t usually care much about weddings, but I love everything about this one! It’s beautifully art directed.

Femme Fraiche

This was such an adorable wedding. I hope to borrow some ideas from it when I get married. The greenhouse theme is fantastic and all the details made it look extra special. Jill and Matt look so happy!


Beautiful! Where is that adorable embroidery from?


Absolutely GORGEOUS! I thought my handmade invitations were unique and personal…this just surpasses anything I have ever seen done by hand for a wedding.
Thanks for sharing!


this is the most unique wedding i have ever seen! Cute and quirky! Love it!

Kristy Smolkovich

Stunned. What a wonderful wedding, with such great orchestration of a theme. Jill your dress was magnificent! I loved all the details, the ties, the bottle invitations, the guest’s name tags, everything! Congratulations! I wish you both every happiness in your new life together! I wish I could have been there.


this is beautiful, perfect & inspiring. congratulations to them! thank you for sharing this – i’ve got to save every single photo!


Stunning pictures and Congrats. Could u pls tell me the name of the brown/green ball shaped flower?


What a gorgeous day! I LOVE all the little details and am in awe of the amazing profile charm that was attached to your wedding dress. I would really like to find something like that for my sister who is getting married in August and lost her best friend last year. Any ideas on where I might find a charm like that? Thanks!


this post literally makes me want to cry, it’s just so damn beautiful!


I think this is the most amazing, creative and lovely, fun wedding I’ve EVER seen!

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This is GORGEOUS!! We are in the very, very beginning parts of wedding planning and this is so inspirational. I love garden settings for weddings. Your wedding was beautiful. Best wishes and good luck!


Just lovely! As a future botanist, I love that you had your wedding in a greenhouse! Congratulations!!!!

Keska George @ KG Style

I have never seen a wedding done so GREEN in my life! It was absolutely a splendor and beautifully designed. Very different from your everyday – (everyone has it) wedding! Gorgeous! Congrats to the newlyweds.


This is like a beautiful dream! I all of the personal and unique touches!

Kathy St.Clair

Congratulations to Jill & Matt!

I’m getting married in December and this is so inspiring! I love the attention to detail, all the cute little touches. you really get a sense of the couples playfulness.

I love this! Thanks so much for sharing!


So wonderful! Congratulations to the happy couple!! I love everything, it’s so original. Thank you so much for sharing.


I so want to marry my hubby again , and be more creative . I’m inspired!!

Studio Choo

thanks again everyone! jenn- you can find new profile charms on-line at lots of places…just search for something like new mother girls head charm. miles- those are scabiosa pods. and molly- the embroidery on the ties was done by my friend alexa (she’s in the credits) and the little bride and groom piece was made by lia (the bridesmaid, my new cousin, and “we like it wild” writer). she does custom orders for them!


What a gorgeous, fun, and creative wedding! Truly one of a kind! Congratulations :)


Wow I love everything about this. I’ve always imagined that it’d be cool to get married in a greenhouse! And it looks like it totally is an amazing evening.
A beautiful and fun wedding that will hopefully be the start to a marriage that will be even more fun


oh my, i’m so inspired now. looks like so much fun. the creativity is just overflowing!

M. Long

Would you please share the recipes on the bags for the pickles/cucumbers? Thanks!