under $100: pendant lamps

despite my best efforts to do an under $100 lighting roundup every other week for two months, i’ve managed to get off course and am just now getting around to the second type: pendant lamps! in march i covered table lamps, and today i’m rounding up 35+ of my favorite pendant lamps in a wide range of styles, from modern and retro to country and romantic- all under $100. i hope you’ll enjoy the selection!

[images above, clockwise from top left: maskros pendant $89.99, garland light $90, copper cage pendant $90 $129 (sorry guys, i missed that the shade was separate), minx pendant $55.80, metal etch pendant shade $48 (combine with this lamp kit $10), melon mini light $49.49, e27 pendant $99, barn warehouse pendant $85, kartell suspension lamp $106 ($6 over, but worth the extra few bucks)]

[images above, clockwise from top left: capsule lights $75, p445 pendant $100, deep bowl pendant $75, radial shade pendant $85, string lights $84, fillsta pendant $29.99, midsummer light $92, mibo small pendant shade $80, knappa $29.99]

[images above, clockwise from top left: mibo pendants $80, kulla $49.99, lyon light $85, ball jar pendant $95, future lamp $69.95, brasa pendant $49.99]

CLICK HERE for 14 more affordable pendant lamps after the jump!

[images above, clockwise from top left: otis pendant $75, starburst pendant $81, leran pendant $39.99, mini brass pendant $22.49, ottava pendant $29.99, norm 06 pendant $66, work lamp $100, birdcage lamp $98, minx pendant $70.20, dreamweaver pendant $68]

[images above, clockwise from top left: porter pendant $79, spalding pendant $99, woven lights $99, sheer lanterns $60+]


I love them all. We just moved into a rental and I hate the pendants, this really helps since I can’t justify spending much.
Erica, a special thank you I’ve been hunting for a large drum.


The copper cage pendant is actually $129, without bulb. Without the cage (i.e, just a hanging socket), it’s $99.



bugger, sorry about that- i missed the drop down menu for the shade :(



Perfect timing! I was looking for pendant light for my new bathroom!


Wow! This is an awesome showcase of lights! I was considering what to put in my walk-in closet and now I know! Pendant all the way…

Thanks and also, you have an AMAZING blog!

-Realistic Chic


Oh poo, the $75 for the Otis is for the fixture only. It’s an additional $62 for the shade, for a total of $137. Well, I’m still glad you included it, ’cause it’s awesome and we’ll probably get it for our nursery. We’re considering buying the shade only and repurposing a cheap fixture from Home Depot or something… Thank you for a great list!!

Yael Miller

We put the Kula (from Ikea) in our new studio. They look great and have a diffuser so that helps near computer screens.