under $100: neon

i’m not sure if it was my trip home to virginia or just a general yearning for trends of years past, but i’ve had neon on my mind in a big way. i unsuccessfully searched for my neon slap wraps (argh!) and t-shirt rings that let me knot my best shirts at my hip. it’s probably better that i leave those pieces in the past, but i couldn’t resist devoting today’s second under $100 roundup (click here for the first: iphone covers) to all things NEON. the majority of the guide is under $100, but i through in a few spectacular neon designs that tipped the budget scales a bit- in case anyone feels like splurging on some seriously bright colors. quick note: i don’t imagine any of these objects being used all together in one room, but the odd neon piece can really be a fun spot of color indoors. i never met a bright orange i didn’t like. enjoy!

[images above, clockwise from top left: fruits of design wallpaper $150, neon luggage tag $4.99, neon shower curtain ring $50 per set, neon fawn lamp $48, neon frame $6.99, blue tub trug $18, harry allen roller stop $95, hot pink extension cord $25, post it neons $7.99, personalized owl napkins $23 (for 50)]

[images above, clockwise from top left: slime walls wallpaper $150 per roll, square colander $11, neon balloon cards $8, dachshund lamp $65, “neon lime” paint by benjamin moore $25 per can, menu trivet $21.85, file file $25, echo green chair $80, flat fold grater $20, arrow hook $45]

[images above, clockwise from top left: maison sauvage a-z tabletop collection (i couldn’t find a price for these online, but i’m guessing they’re part of the “over $100″ category)]

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[images above, clockwise from top left: tube top lamps $110 each, neon jellies from see by chloe $123, tolix stool $195]

[images above, clockwise from top left: neon pink watch $71, pancake and franks birthday card $6.50, rubber vase $39, elephant bank $12, essie nail polish in “short shorts” $8, neon pink clock $51, folding colander $20]

[images above, clockwise from top left: “sharp descent” wallpaper $150 per roll, tribella watch $52, lcd notecards from yellow owl workshop $12.13]

[images above: neon bike (custom options) available through urban outfitters $399]

[image above: lucienne day dish towel $40 (that acid green is so beautiful and bright in person!), balloon speaker $45. these last two aren’t bright neons, but they’re VERY bright in person so i figured they could squeak by under the “BRIGHT” heading]


I love those neon green skates. Actually I just love neon. Reminds me of my youth.


This post is wonderful – neontastic, even. I am obsessed with anything neon :D


I just painted my coffee table a neon yellowish green this weekend! It looks soo much better and has such great energy to it!


I have a love-hate relationship with things neon and bright… I love love love bright, happy colors, and neon is like a crazy subset of those colors that evokes so many emotions and memories from childhood, but on the other hand, when I see bright colors like neons, I often think about how unnatural they are. It makes me think of cheap, plastic, mass-produced junk that ends up in the landfill and produces harsh emissions and things like that. Maybe that’s why neons and bright colors are so appealing, because they are more rare than neutrals and duller colors.


Neon’s are awesome and definitely remind me of my childhood, however I think they work best when used in a fresh way. When they are used as a bright spot with lots of neutrals. This way they are more sophisticated and look more purposeful!

Nicodemus Green

Gag me with a spoon!

For a few seconds, I was that French horn-playing, overweight 15 year-old gay kid all over again!

Thanks Grace!


That sharp descent wallpaper is..amazing, to say the least.
love this post in general.
if you get any info about those neon ceramics, i’d love to know.



lol. french horn? oh man, that takes the ticket. i’m trying to imagine that little kid with neon shoe laces playing in the band ;)



*reaches for sunglasses*
love the lickle pink elephant.

Kate S.

Thank you so much for the fantastic collection – love pretty much everything!