under $100: iphone covers

i’m normally one of those people who hates when someone pulls out their phone at a restaurant, but sometimes it can’t be avoided. and well, if you’re going to be checking your phone a lot, why not give it a cute outfit? (yep, i refer to my iphone cases as outfits). so today i rounded up over 25 of my favorite iphone covers under $100 (more tech cases coming soon) over at my life scoop for my guest tech column. i made another under $100 roundup (neon!) for later today, but before we get in the full swing of things i wanted to start the day with some budget-friendly design. i hope you like them!


Last week I bought the Cath Kidston blue floral one shown above and I love it and can’t stop admiring it – hehe:)


I’m not an iPhone user, but those are cute.

I’m not a real phone user at all actually. I never use my phone in restaurants, nor do I use it when dealing with clerks (I find that terribly rude). I’m one of the odd birds. Mine is for emergencies, and for keeping in touch with hubby, that’s pretty much it.


I’m getting an iPhone at the end of the month – this is perfect! The blue floral is a must have!


check out getuncommon.com

you can design your own! it’s wonderful!


Could you make a similar posts but for blackberrys? I know that iPods are a bit more popular, but it would be awesome if you could do a list like this for blackberrys :)


so I have the Droid Incredible…and totally need a fun case..i’ve only been able to find uber boring ones! Please HELP!


Shouldn’t ALL iphone covers be under a hundred dollars? Unless it’s like Hermes or something…



i think so. the column theme is under $100, but clearly these are going to be WAY under $100. but i don’t like the idea of changing the column title every time the subject dips a little lower than that for the average price point. there are some handmade options in here that get close to $60 or so with materials like leather on them, so it wasn’t enough to do say, under $100. that would have limited me to plastic everything- i wanted to get a few leather pieces in there that were special.



My owl felt case look funny between all these high tech cases. Don’t let him intimidate you with his severe eyes!

Laura (Curry Kay Designs)

Floral…polka dot… owl… how could I ever choose? Probably should get an iPhone first! Or maybe I can get the owl in preparation for the day I get an iPhone!


I just got a new macbook pro and I was wondering (I have been looking really hard for cool unique cases/bags, and havent found any) if you knew of any makers of cases/covers.

Its so hard to find something amazing for under 100 dollars that isnt just boring black (im not against black, but a plain black case is so dull) and that also protects my mac from possible falls off a table lol.



that is perfect!!!! that is exactly the kind of thing I want, and under $100, I am going right now to order it! this is why I come to DesignSponge, if I need to find something amazing, you always have the answers…..thank you so much!


I’ll be in NYC this summer, anyone knows where can I find the wood ones? They’re great!