thanks for shredding my paper, coffee table

this clever little table has made the blog rounds a little already, but as i spent most of last night paying bills, licking envelopes, and getting my home office in order, i’m lamenting that i don’t own one of these papervore coffee tables.

i do my best to have as little paper pass in and out of my home as possible, but i inevitably end up with a large amount of crap-mail (stop sending me catalogs, athleta! i am the least active person i know). and when i pile it up to recycle every week, i wish i had already walked down to staples to buy a paper shredder. but how cool would it be if you didn’t have to hide an ugly shredder, but rather you could slide the paper through the top of your coffee table and store the colorful shreds below until they were ready for recycling? that’s the premise behind pigeontail design‘s papervore coffee table (albeit the shredding is done via a manual crank). i love the way the “trash” actually becomes a design element with this table- it’s such a clever idea. click here for more information or click “play” below to watch this crafty table in action. thanks, david!


I’m glad there’s a crank because if it were automatic, i could see so many bad things happening


I usually am not the biggest fan of ‘modern’ design (as far as the super white, rounded edges, bubbly aura), but this is so cool!!! I’m glad I checked out the link to their site, because they have some beautiful wood furniture as well. Thanks!


this is brilliant design! as for kids, they might try to shred anything they can get hold of once they know how it works, be it cd, the remote control and coins.

Lora Appleton

OMG get me that table! I am sick and tired of tearing up & throwing out & recycling and crafting with way too much junk mail! Love this.


that looks awesome but I think I would end up shredding wallpaper and other pretty paper so that the shredding underneath looked better than bank statements!!


Brilliant idea! I love functional design. I am not so into the modern style. I can picture this concept in a rustic farmhouse style with an old fashioned crank. Now that I would put in my house.

Jennae @ Green Your Decor

If I didn’t have kids, I would want this table TODAY. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take much imagination to picture the inventive things my kids would figure to put through the slot.


I’m smitten! If it weren’t for the curious little people running around my house I’d have that in my house tomorrow!


This table is fantastic! And I can’t get Athleta to stop sending their catalogs to me either….

Have a fabulous birthday!

Sara L.

You should probably check to make sure your recycling center takes shredded paper, ’cause ours sure doesn’t! (it clogs the sorting machines) Of course, if you just want the table for the aesthetics, I can see that.


That is kind of genius. We have a small house and our ugly office depot paper shredder doesn’t look cute in any room.


me likey. anyone know the price? and i love the hand crank, since i’ve burned out at least 3 electrical shredders.


Oh my, I LOVE this! What a clever idea. Useful and beautiful at the same time. I’d have one in my home :D


i want one too! awesome idea….i think the neverending victoria’s secret catalogs will look good shredded :) can someone tell me how to stop those catalogs??


btw i just looked at the price…$1950? i hope target will come out with a version or something!


love this! & a little off – topic, but is a good site to reduce junkmail (ironically i still get athleta – the pitbull of catalogs!)


Just what everyone needs, a pile of kindling sitting in the living room!


Still waiting for this series to expand. Where is my couch/shredder and TV/shredder? These are SO practical!


I don’t know. I think $1950 ain’t too shabby. It’s obviously a custom piece and looks like more of a work of art than something I want rest my feet on. Perfect for an office setting too.


I’ve never seen sth like this in my life. It’s so original! Love it :)


Such a great idea! I’d like different ones for different coloured paper to match each room.


Ha…this is interesting..but i hope it can also leave some space for my magazine too..haha


Wow. I would love to have this. But it’s probably extremely expensive?


Hey Everyone.

The price was adjusted and not reflected on Voos site at the time of this posting. It’s actually $1250. Thanks for all the kind words.

Have a nice weekend,
David, Pigeontail


I love this thing- i keep going back to this post- but everytime i look at it i can’t help but imagine a little hampster or guinea pig in the bottom.


We wish it would work as simply as it looks. Besides, it’s missing all of the necessary safety design requirements (UL, etc.). No wonder it’s not sold in stores.



what is it missing? and have you tried this in person to know it’s not as simple as it looks? i’m always curious when people list specific issues like this without explaining any details or how they know these things.



it is sold in stores – how do i know? i saw it in voos this weekend. therefore i’ve touched it. if you have at least one arm – it’s easy as pie.


omg, athleta always sends me catalogs too!!! I have no clue why because I am not active in any way, shape or form either. I don’t know why they are after me!


cool! simple, neat! all the color it needs it is given by the paper! The only but, a little too expensive!

Anh Tran

I guess the drawback is the manual crank, but the coolness factor is definitely high and the benefit is that you don’t have to dump it right away. Thanks for sharing.


This is a brilliant idea, my wife’s always complaining about my ugly shredder in the corner of the room, and in all fairness I have to agree that it doesn’t really fit in. This coffee table/ shredder looks great on the other hand and I also really like the video. It is pretty expensive but I could be tempted, I’ll have to run the idea past the missus first tho, as she always has the final say on the decor of the house!