surface view

last night i was putting the finishing touches on a new home tour in the d*s book that features a beautiful bathroom mural. i’ve never been a big mural person, but when i heard that the mural was actually part of a “ready to roll” mural collection that’s ready-made, i was hooked. i’ve always wanted to try something like this on closet doors or in a small space like a closet, so these small cut-to-size murals are just the ticket. created by surface view, the “surface view two” collection is full of great ready-to-use designs ranging from classic images to more modern pattern studies. if a full wall mural isn’t your thing, they even have accent wall sized murals for small spaces (and roller blind versions of images). i love the botanical collection but there’s definitely something for everyone here- click here to check out the full collection online.

[the final two images above are available as prints and on canvases, but not murals]


i love florals; but the spanish flounce is beautiful and so unique compared with what you usually see in murals/wall decor. dope!


thankyou, thankyou and thankyou once again. I’ve been looking for something huge, but turned away in dismay again and again from the cliched images most mural companies provide. this is something quite different.


Three hundred fifty dollars for two rolls of wallpaper to mural a closet?! Insane.



how big are the rolls? if they’re high quality and BIG rolls (which a lot of them are), it might be worth buying it and then selling the rest to a friend to use. or splitting it with a few people to do different projects.