before and after

sunset magazine: salvage yard

by Grace Bonney

i’m a huge fan of sunset magazine, so whenever i hear a see an email from jess chamberlain in my inbox i get excited. last night jess sent over some images from their june issue that reminded her of your fun before & after projects from yesterday. in the june issue of sunset, jess and miranda jones worked with aaron jones to makeover some great salvaged pieces. they turned frames into a potting table, ladders into a potting station (love that one!), and beautiful old spools into a clever hose wrap. i thought their ideas were so fun i couldn’t resist kicking off today with them- i always love ending the week with inspiring ideas for weekend projects. thanks, jess! [photos by david fenton]

[image above: ladders, before. these were used to make the potting station above!]

CLICK HERE for two more salvage projects after the jump!

[image above: the windows above were turned into the beautiful table below]

[image above: this pile of glass lamp shades was turned into to the candelabra below]

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