sunset magazine: salvage yard

i’m a huge fan of sunset magazine, so whenever i hear a see an email from jess chamberlain in my inbox i get excited. last night jess sent over some images from their june issue that reminded her of your fun before & after projects from yesterday. in the june issue of sunset, jess and miranda jones worked with aaron jones to makeover some great salvaged pieces. they turned frames into a potting table, ladders into a potting station (love that one!), and beautiful old spools into a clever hose wrap. i thought their ideas were so fun i couldn’t resist kicking off today with them- i always love ending the week with inspiring ideas for weekend projects. thanks, jess! [photos by david fenton]

[image above: ladders, before. these were used to make the potting station above!]

CLICK HERE for two more salvage projects after the jump!

[image above: the windows above were turned into the beautiful table below]

[image above: this pile of glass lamp shades was turned into to the candelabra below]


oh my goodness these are fantastic ideas! I have had my eye on an old ladder, but have been unsure on how to use it. Well now I know! That is genius!! Thank- you for the inspiration!!


These are beautiful projects and perfect for the summer!! I am especially in love with the window table idea!

hena tayeb

these are some great projects.. love the ladder idea and the storage solution for the hose..
now all i need is a backyard!


Please post more garden projects, designs, ideas, DIY, like this one and less of cut flowers.

Thank you.


I love the idea of making a table from old windows. I will be stealing this idea!


The old spools to hold the hose is genius (and much more attractive than store-bought versions)!


We have had an old window sitting around for quite some time, I now know what I am going to do with it! thanks!


Nice! We saw the ladder set up when we were went to the Sunset Celebration Weekend, and it’s fabulous!


Thanks you so much for sharing.
I love all your creative ideas!


I love all of these ideas. I am getting ready to buy a house and start a garden. Can’t wait to try these out. Thanks


One of the best things I’ve seen from a salvage yard was the small stained glass windows that you get at the top of windows and doors, in their frames, used as art.


the ladder creation was simple and genius! very inspirational. i think this weekend will be junkyard rumaging and auction sales!!!


Perfect! I have been hanging onto some old spools and was just about to part with them. Perfect idea to make them into a garden hose holder! Great idea, thank you!

Judith (backyard farmer)

How do I construct the window table? I am also trying to gauge the harvest date to maximize the production of my tomatoes and zucchinis. Any pointers?

Reclaimed Marketplace

I absolutely love everything on this page. I have an old weathered ladder in the garage that was destined to be reclaimed into a potting station! Great ideas!!