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sneak peek: nikole of herriott grace

by Amy Azzarito

This peek just takes my breath away. It achieves a rustic elegance that seems effortless, but can be so difficult to really nail. Nikole Herriott lives in Toronto, Canada, and her father lives 2,800 miles away. To stay in touch, they mail each other small packages. Nikole’s father is a craftsman and he began sending her little spoons that he had carved. Nikole loved them and thought that others would too, so she and her father began Herriott Grace (the full story is here). To get a sense of their work, check out their sold items and flickr set. (Did you ever think a spoon could be so lovely?!) Their items sell out fast; if you’re interested in the products, be sure to sign up for the mailing list. In addition to her work with Herriott Grace, Nikole is a trained pastry chef! I am so packing my bags and moving in! Thanks Nikole! And many thanks to Celine Kim for the lovely photographs! Amy A.

I’m definitely a collector of odds and ends; I’ve always liked objects, little things that remind me of a moment in my history, ephemeral bits from travel, vintage keepsakes or even rocks from a trip to the beach. The trouble with this is that I live in a really tiny space, only 390 square feet, so I have to be choosy about what I bring home. I’m pretty particular about textures and quality — I like furniture crafted by hand, well-designed pieces and things with a story. In many ways I’ve always wanted my home to reflect where I came from, that I grew up on a farm even though I now live amidst the hustle and bustle of a city, far from the sea. I want it to be a little bit of calm; a place that feels away from it all.

Image above: My desk is made from old sawhorses I “borrowed” from my father’s shop. I love that they are thin and lightweight and that they fold flat. The framed piece is one I purchased from Alyson Fox and the coat rack is something I drew and persuaded my father to make me. The small jars that hold up the cedar shelf are yogurt pots from a trip to China. For a short time we stayed at a hutong in Beijing and every morning I would have yogurt for breakfast. I was amazed that each one was in a pretty clay pot so instead of returning them all for the deposit, I brought a few home.

Image above: My kitchen table is a picnic table of sorts. About six years ago, I found it sitting in the back of my parent’s orchard. It was my mother’s dining table growing up, but was long since discarded as an outside-type thing. When they said I could have it, I was pretty much over the moon. Since food is a focal point in my life and in the lives of many of my friends, we have been known to spend long evenings eating and drinking at this table. It’s over six-feet long and has two benches so it comfortably seats six or even eight. I look forward to one day having a rooftop terrace and putting this table up there — I can so imagine it underneath twinkly white light at sundown. The painting to the left was done by my great grandmother in 1900 and was a gift. I love it. The calender to the right is from the Wild Unknown and the flock mobile is from one of my favorites, Bookhou.

Image above: Both spoons in this photo are hand-carved by my father; the one on the left was included in my last shop update. I think it was one of my all time favorites. It’s made [from] the branch of a chestnut tree and the grain is so pretty.

CLICK HERE for more of Nikole’s Toronto home!

Image above: One of my very favorite bits of furniture is the block of wood at the foot of my bed. It is old-growth red cedar from the west coast of Vancouver Island in British Columbia, where I grew up. It is more than 450 years old, and was milled by an older gentleman who still uses traditional milling methods. You can see the lines from the old-style saw along the sides, it’s pretty amazing. The reindeer pelt on my rocker is from Mjolk, a great store here in Toronto.

Image above: The fan is an estate-sale find and both sets of antlers were sent as gifts from my father. The small white garland is Shanna Murray and the little bit of ribbon hanging as a bow on the wall is Mokuba.

Image above: I love gardening, so in hopes of one day building a winterized green house, I collect vintage Pyrex cloches. I’ve always dreamed of having an entire table of small rare orchids growing underneath them.

Image above: The flowered clutch to the left is Hayden Harnett, and the leather bag is from a Parisian eBay seller. The cake print above my mirror is Sandra Juto and the other two prints are vintage botanicals from Etsy seller bananastrudel. The large square rug is one I won on eBay; I love the bright pink parts of it. The luggage to the left of the frame I bought as a set at auction.

Image above: The paint is Farrow and Ball and the Japanese Hinoki Bath Mat is from Canoe in Portland. The print to the left is Studio Violet and the small bit of wood sitting on my bath mat is a piece of turned maple my father made to prevent my window from falling closed. My building was built in 1924 and somewhere along the line the window cords were cut so the window needs support to stay up. I wanted something prettier than just a chunk of wood.

Image above: The teacup and little jug are both thrifted. I use the cup for water and the little jug to store my makeup brushes and things.

Image above: My dishes are vintage petalware. I’ve collected the set one piece at a time and I’m finally starting to have a bit of a good collection.

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  • swooooooooooon. that home is perfect! it’s exactly what i want my home in maine to convey!!!

  • I love the whole aestheic of this and it’s charming how much everything means. I’m a little surprised at the black plastic nursery pot in the first pic given everything else.

  • thanks for the tour of this beautiful home. i love the collaboration between her and her a father – what a touching story.

  • I’m dying to see a floor plan AND how the heck did she get the picnic table into the apartment?? Also, I suppose people climb over it to sit on the other side.

  • This is SO beautiful! Not too feminine, but just feminine enough. I absolutely love the colour on the bedroom walls and the timber everywhere. Fabulous.

  • Stunning! That’s why smaller spaces are so amazing and important…it forces one to only keep a limited number of quality objects…and think before one buys something. This is an inspiration…thank you!

  • Stella – My thought’s exactly! I kept staring at that photo trying to figure out how they’d climb to the other side.

    I love the wall color in the bedroom, what is it? Also, that abc piece in the bathroom is awesome! May I please live here?

  • Beautiful!!! I love that picnic table. I have been seeing Farrow and Ball paint mentioned everywhere lately. How do I know nothing about it? I have some painting to do at my new house, i’m going to have to check it out!

  • beautiful! I love Nikole’s style, her blog is one of my favourites. It’s wonderful to get a sneak peek into her incredible home – thank you!

  • Wow!!!!! Amazing. I just bought something from her shop during the last update, and I can’t wait for it to get here. Her house just made me swoon. I would never go out!

  • I love the alphabet wall hanging in the bathroom and the paint color in the bedroom. Do you have any info about them?

  • beautiful home nikole. it reflects very much your sense of style and i love the mixing of unexpected objects. love the antlers!!!

  • hi!

    i should start by saying that i am a friend of nikole’s – and let me say her home is really this lovely in person.

    to clarify about her kitchen table – the second bench to the table is not there, as they are not permanently attached. it is placed elsewhere in her apartment.

    if she has guests over, the table is pulled out so that everyone can be accommodated comfortably. there is an unseen opening to the left, and though it is hard to tell, you can easily get around it. for larger parties, the table is moved to the main room.

    when she’s alone and to maximize space (and view!) the table gets tucked in. either way, i can vouch that the room feels cosy and not at all claustrophobic.

  • Nikole’s sense of style is amazing. Loved every bit of it!
    Thanks for letting us peek into your home Nikole!

  • I love Nikole and now am in love with her home! So much personal history in such a beautiful space – really inspiring.

  • Not trying to be a downer, but I was distracted by the amount of typos and spelling errors in this post, not something I usually see on designsponge.

  • Gorgeous, inspiring design – so peaceful and airy. I especially like the alphabet on the bathroom wall and the lovely kitchen table pics. Thank you for sharing!

  • liza – the abc wall hanging is from bookhou here in toronto. I am in love with this home – what an ecclectic space!

  • I HAD to blog about her company herriott grace: this lady fairly blazes with talent – and her father too!
    I haven’t seen anything as exciting in a year – what a find Grace!

  • Love the block of wood! And the kitchen, and the bathroom…
    The light in the bedroom, and the color of the pillow with the color of the bedroom wall–divine!

  • I always knew Nikole’s home would be beautiful, but I never expected it to be so stunning! love love.

  • I love the yogurt pot from Beijing too! I had it for breakfast everyday and kept them and had my friend draw things on it. It’s now my favorite piece on my TV.

    I like the unique way you use the pots!

  • I can’t believe this is only 390 sq feet. It feels so open & spacious. And Nikole — I am seriously coveting your hair. Fab bangs!

  • I love nikole’s home; so pretty with a delicate edge. Where did she find the typography hanging above the toilet in your bathroom? I’m a typography nerd and must have one…

  • I’d say that’s 390 sq. ft. of perfection! I adore Nikole and this home truly reflects her – simple, elegant and a one of a kind.

    Great job, Celine!

  • I enjoyed reading this post! I visit Nikole’s blog and really love it there, so it’s interesting to see what her living space is like.

  • She makes the space look so much larger than it is! Very cute. I also like the picture of her at the end- so nice to put a face with her name. More of that, please!

  • well, it’s really really beautiful. so elegant and interesting, with its layers of handmade and thrifted objet. much to admire!

  • Nikole’s home is comforting and creative, probably a reflection of her personality? A real pleasure to see.
    (Lecia sent me over and I’m so pleased she did!)

  • I love that Nikole has managed to combine beautiful style with true sentimentality. I visited a friend’s parents’ house recently, and got the same kind of vibe – so warm and welcoming.

  • I’m not surprised at all to see how lovely her place is! I love the tapestry in the first image…love all of it, really.

  • It’s wonderful to see such warmth and whimsy and spirit.

    Thank you for sharing

  • wow wow wow! what a dream space. neutral but full of awesome. thanks so much for sharing! i’m definitely bookmarking this one!

  • Nikole, your home is gorgeous and perfectly you! I hope one day we can come see it in person and have some tea and cakes (as I shamelessly invite ourselves over).

    ps. thanks for mentioning us!
    pps. beautiful job on the photos, Celine!

  • Hi everyone!

    Thanks for all the lovely comments and for stepping into my home a second!

    Liza: the colour behind my bed is Farrow and Ball, London Clay.

    The alphabet in my bathroom is from Bookhou.

    Quincin: that’s so funny about the yogurt pots!

    And thanks again for having me here, it’s been fun!

  • I absolutely LOVE this space. So light, airy, earthy and cozy looking. *sigh*

  • Lovely home you’ve made. I’d like to ask where you found the leather satchel seen in the first picture.

  • i love everything about this — the inspired-by-nature chic look is my favorite.

    anyone know the name of the dusty peach paint color in the bathroom?

    serious home envy!

  • What a treat to have a view into Nikole’s lovely home, after following and appreciating her (and her dad’s!) lovely work. :)

  • Gorgeous! I can’t believe this is such a small space. The whole place feels like a breath of fresh air. So many wonderful details. Love the bathroom. :)

  • Beautiful home! I’m curious to know if the doors with the glass panels have always been there, custom or purchased?? Does anyone have a resource for doors like those? They are perfect to allow light into the room.

  • i was wondering what color is in the bathroom, i would love to use it as an accent color in my bathroom!

  • i love everything. i love this home and the spirit of it. thank you for the beautiful pictures.

  • Oh wow, this is my favorite home so far! I bookmarked it for inspiration! So great. The bathroom is so serene and pretty.

  • Entrancing – so fresh, clean and airy, light and white with punches of color and beautiful objects that make me catch my breath. What is the F&B color in the bathroom? = beautiful. Thanks!

  • Nicole, that´s really nice place for your bed just in the corner. I like that. You surely sleep tight in such a beautiful bedroom:) Nice Nice Nice!

  • possibly the BEST sneak peek I have ever seen on your blog…

    don’t laugh, I have tears at the beauty of this home and photos…


  • Hi there, Lovely space! I’m wondering where that wall hanging in the first pic is from? Or what it is exactly? Thanks so much!!

  • Hi everyone, thanks so much!

    Sara: i live right down, near the university.

    Jill W: the doors are original to the building.

    Connie, Drea, Ashley: i can’t remember what the bathroom colour is called, but i’ll check and get back to you on it. ;)

    Krista: i purchased it at the antique market here in toronto.

    Thanks again, all!

  • Gorgeous place! Brava for the deft use of wood, making it feel so warm without being overbearing or too masculine.

    I’m sure I don’t need to tell Nikole this but her dad is a treasure. His gorgeous spoons are wonderful but I’m most envious of the custom window propping piece! My 1920s window cords snapped long ago and I can only wish for such a stylish means for keeping them open. <3

  • what is the accent color behind the bed–love that perfect balance of chocolate brown and some elusive designer color I can’ t put my finger on…. perfect!

  • so thankful i found this post. nikole herriott is definitely one of my design heroes in life. this is the first time i’ve seen a picture of her. she is beautiful! no surprises there!

  • Beautiful and inspiring! I wonder where Nikole got this folklore tapestry from (1st picture)?! I´m so searching for one like this, some kind of Inuit artwork, maybe? Anybody got an idea?!

  • this is such a beautiful house! I adore your dining table, such a fantastic idea. and as for the typewriter… I am so very jealous!

  • I am delighted to see your progress, dear Nikole. Far leaps from NOTL :) So very happy for you :). Terri

  • Beautiful home. I think someone else has already asked this but what colour is that wall in the bathroom please?

  • This is beautiful! It makes me tiny 500sf place look gigantic. I’m definitely stealing some of these ideas!

  • I love this! One of my favorite I guess! I love the wall hanging in the first photo. Where is it from?
    The bathroom is just so gorgeous!