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sneak peek: lauren bradshaw

by anne

lauren bradshaw and her husband of four years, joey, moved into this 1925 crafsman-style home in the thornton park neighborhood of downtown orlando last fourth of july. lauren has been a life long crafter, who began creating needle-felted birds three years ago, while joey is a musician and photographer. both have strong opinions on design and had a great time decorating the house together (which needed a lot of work). joey wants the house to feel like a museum (like in the goonies), and meanwhile lauren enjoys incorporating modern artists. the good news is they both love mid-century design, so they always had a middle ground to reference along the way. we hope you love their place (which is now home to the latest addition of the family, henry, who arrived a few weeks ago) as much as we did! additional and full-sized images can be found here. {thanks, lauren, and anna bond, for the tip!}anne

[above: Our living room is a comfy place to hang out thanks to the Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams sectional that we purchased a few years ago.  Most of the pillows are from Anthropologie, along with the rug and the coffee table.  The toile chair is vintage, and was recovered for us as a gift from Joey’s parents (there is a coordinating chair in our bedroom).]

Joey and I both love finding antiques, and we purchased the globe and bulldog from our favorite  booth at Orange Tree Antiques Mall in Winter Park.  The camera is a functionig Rolleicord that Joey uses to take photographs from time to time.  We found the prints in the back of an Anthropologie, the sconces are from Schoolhouse Electric and the mirror is Restoration Hardware.

Our house has a traditional craftsman floor plan, so most of the house is visible from our living room.  Because of this, we took a long time selecting the paint colors to coordinate the house, and I love being able to see the mint green kitchen through the gray living and dining rooms.

Most of the pieces in our dining room are vintage finds either from eBay or local shops.  This is the part of the house that Joey wants to feel most like a museum, so we’re slowly collecting curiosities and finding places for them.  Right now the curiosity count is one.  It’s a work in progress.

One of my favorite finds in the house is our chandelier.  During our visit to Italy last year, I loved all the amazing Murano glass chandeliers, and I dreamed of having one but didn’t have thousands of dollars to spend.  Luckily, we found this replica on sale at Potterybarn for only $150.  The dining table is from local mid-century furniture store 1618, the Eames chairs are from eBay and the red chairs are from Anthropologie.  I made the curtains myself using fabric from Ikea.  The white record table was the first piece of furniture my dad ever refinished when he was a teenager, and it ended up being the first piece of furniture that Joey and I refinished as well.

CLICK HERE for the rest of lauren’s sneak peek after the jump!

Another of my favorites in the house is the Draper dresser set we purchased from eBay and had refinished a couple of months ago.  The Victorian-era Thomas Blinks hunting print was a gift from Joey’s grandparents and it is dated 1895.  The peacock feathers are an homage to the peacocks that roam our neighborhood and come knocking on our front door looking for food.

This buffet was purchased on eBay and was built the same year as our house.  Most of the items are from antique stores, except the beaver skull from Paxton Gate in San Francisco.  This beaver skull is Joey’s proudest curiosity.

When we purchased our house, the hallway was covered in grasscloth wallpaper.  Even though it was hideous and taking it down was awful, I’m grateful for it, because it gave me the idea to use the Cole and Son “Woods” wallpaper.  We added the chair rail in the hallway so that Henry will never be tempted to color on the wallpaper, since it could resemble a coloring book to a little boy.  We found the lawyer’s bookcase on eBay, and Joey got me the Eames rocker from Modernica for Christmas a few years ago.

During our renovation, we completely gutted the kitchen, and we rebuilt it from the ground up. We installed new cabinets and countertops, and we also purchased new appliances.  This worked out well, because I was excited to get our tall counter depth refrigerator, and Joey convinced me to let him install a gas stove.  I already had my grandmother’s bottle cap stools, so we made sure to include a small bar so that we could use them, and now it’s a great place to eat breakfast.  The Calendar print is by Claire Nereim, and the canisters are Orla Kiely for Target.

Behind the kitchen is our laundry room, which we created during our renovation.  The floor plan for the back part of the house was a bit weird, so we reconfigured it and gained a laundry room/craft room in the process.

The print above the microwave is from one of my favorites, Matte Stephens, the pear and apple canisters were Etsy finds, and the light fixture is Schoolhouse Electric.

I love the way our bedroom has come together over time.  We’ve purchased the various items over the course of the last four years and combined them with family pieces.  The wardrobe belonged to my great-grandmother, we found the nightstands in North Carolina, and our bedding is from Anthropologie.

The farmhouse dresser belonged to my grandfather, and my dad refinished it a few years ago.  The stitching piece above the dresser is Maxine Sutton, and the print above the chair is “Web of Life” by Charley Harper.

Henry’s room doubles also Joey’s photo workroom.  We found the desk on a trip to West Palm Beach, the Thomas Blinks dog print is another gift from Joey’s grandparents, the ribbon on the wall is from my friend Hayley Carmo who is the creator of Kindly, and the print is Matte Stephens.

For Henry’s nursery, we were able to use the rocking chair where my grandmother used to rock me.  We weren’t sure if we’d have it recovered, but once we got it in the room it worked really well once we draped the crocheted blanket over it.  The peacock lamp, found prints, prints made by Joey, and the Rikshaw elephant pillow from a friend in San Fracisco round out the rocking area of the nursery.  The second Draper dresser functions as a changing table and clothing storage, although I’m not sure how long we’ll let Henry keep it!  The print above the lamp is by my friend Anna Bond of Rifle Design.

Above Henry’s crib is my favorite alphabet poster from Anna, and items on the shelves include a Fern Animal from Ashley Anna Brown, a woodland creature from Astulabee and two of the first birds I made.

The elephant hamper was a gift from my good friends at my baby shower, and the rug is from Ikea.

We created our master bathroom during renovation.  The previous bathroom was about four feet wide and included a plastic shower that blocked out the existing windows.  We picked out every detail in the new bathroom, including the marble basketweave tile and the clawfoot tub.  I found the enamel pharmacy stand in Washington DC, during a big rainstorm and I had to ship it home.  A good friend carried it about 10 blocks with me in the rain, and I am so thankful because I love it!

My craft area was an added surprise after we reconfigured the back part of the house to create our master bath and laundry room.  The laundry room was large enough to have a desk and shelves, so that I have a place to sew and store fabric and crafts.  I loved the Target collaborations with Liberty of London and Orla Kiely, and all the bins come in handy for storage.  The bird plates were my grandmother’s, and the daisy lamp was found at Renningers in Mount Dora.

The guest bath was also gutted down to the bare walls during the renovation.  We wanted to keep our house true to its period, so we used subway tile, marble hex tile and a pedestal sink.  The bath hardware is from Restoration Hardware, the mirror was found at Anthropologie, and the print is Sugarloop.

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  • Hmmm…this is inspiring me to think about redoing all sorts of stuff around my apartment.

  • Lovely home. It’s nice to see an unpainted brick fireplace for a change! It seems like most people love exposed brick walls but hate exposed brick fireplaces! What’s up with that?

  • Love! Lauren created such a beautiful topper for my wedding cake. It’s no surprise her home is just as lovely!

  • Such a great place! I am looking for curtains exactly like the ones in your living room. Can you let me know where you found them?

  • Oh wow i am so in love. what beautiful design. i have the same style. love the lawyers bookcase im trying so hard to find one. where did you get yours?

  • I love the renovation! I just moved away from Thornton Park, and this brought me back home. You two have done a wonderful job & this looks like a happy home. I agree with the previous comment about pulling off the marriage of old and new. Congrats!

  • Oh, I’m in love! I adore everything about this house–such a perfect blend of historic structure and modern decor. Absolutely my favorite Sneak Peek ever!!

    And, again, I’m obsessed with bathroom remodels. Can you share the maker, model, and size of the pedestal sink in the guest bath?

  • what are you paint colors in every room? They are amazing! The color in the living room and dining would be great for my house. I’m looking for a good neutral. THanks!

  • I’ve been looking for striped curtains like that! Do you mind saying where you got them?

  • Lauren is holding Henry right now, so I will answer a few questions on her behalf.

    Paints are Benjamin Moore.
    Kitchen & Laundry: Italian Ice Green (lightened 50%)
    Henry’s Room: Witching Hour
    Hall & Hall Bath: Black Iron
    Living, Dining, Master & Master Bath: Paper White (lightened 50% for the Living & Dining rooms to compensate for the extra light)
    Baseboards & Doors: Snowfall White

    Living room curtains are Textured Belgian Linen in Lava from Restoration Hardware.

    The lawyer’s case is from a seller who has a store on eBay (joemission). It looks like he has some in his store right now.

    The shoes are Izod. Size baby.

  • My wife had this site up and I thought I was looking at our home in parallel. Great house and nice touches all around. I couldn’t get away with the guitar’s in the baby room though. Oh, and Henry was our first choice for name, went with Nico.

  • Love to hear about couples that “had a great time” decorating together, instead of the opposite. Such a lovely place!

  • dying to know where the curtain (sheers) are from in the bedroom! love the entire place :)

  • Simply amazing. I am desperately in love with craftsman houses (which are really hard to come by in my part of Virginia). Your house is gorgeous and your collectibles are charming!

  • Thanks so much. I thought these were the RH curtains. I have been eyeing these for awhile! I was leaning towards acanthus, but may try lava after seeing your photos. We have the exact same colored couch and gray green walls.

  • love it. I lived in a house with what appears to be an identical floor plan- boy, do I miss it. You did an amazing job with the renovations!

  • Ok, I love love love this house! First off, a craftsman style home is one of my favorites and the decorating style is totally me! What a great home!

  • your kitchen renovation is great. i’m freaking out about my own. what is the brand of your stainless steel counter-depth refrigerator? it might do the trick for me. thanks

  • Ditto on wanting to know where the sectional is from. Also, the coffee table.

    Such a beautiful home… and very inspiring.

  • Thanks for all the nice compliments on our house! I must give credit to Anna from Door Sixteen for the inspiration for the black bathroom. You should check out her black bathroom. She’s at http://www.doorsixteen.com.

    Henry’s wall color is actually my favorite in the whole house, because it is a navy that goes somewhat gray during the daytime. You can sort of tell in the photo closeup of the crib, because the crib is black but the walls are more navy. We painted that room four or five times before actually finding the color we liked.

    Here are the sources for the items that were asked about:

    Fridge: Summit FFBF28 purchased from AJMadison.com. I love it!

    Pedestal sink: 24-inch Porcher “Lutezia”; faucet and toilet are Toto.

    Bedroom lamps: “String-of-pearls” from Anthropologie; the crystal lamp was a gift and I’m not sure from where.

    Dining room lamp: vintage crystal lamp; shade was from Anthropologie’s sale room about two months ago.

    Sectional: purchased at Hold Everything in 2006 before they went out of business, but you can still order it. I’m pretty sure Bloomingdale’s carries it. It is called the LA Collection.

    Bedroom sheers: Opaque Linen Window Panel from West Elm.

    Elephant hamper: Homedecorators.com.

  • I love the elephant hamper and the dark walls. The rooms seemed soothing for being so dark.

  • I just love your house its filled with such great personality + your colour choice + style is fantastic!!
    I’ve got a couple of sugarloops in my house too……….the cat under the tree is my fav.

  • This may be my favorite sneak peek ever! I love every single room, but my favorite has to be the guest bath. I’m a sucker for white subway tile. The yellow accents and the contrast between the paint and the tile really pop!

  • fantastic! I adore that chandelier in the dining room esp — and those striped curtains! One of my favorite sneak peeks yet!

  • I feel like I’m in my own home!! From all the paint colors and little pops of color everywhere, right down to the same lawyer’s bookshelf! Great house!

  • What a wonderful home. Thanks for the great sneak peek. I especially love the marble topped buffet and the family heirloom wardrobe – and the bathroom. The pharmacy stand was totally worth the ten block walk. :)

  • I love the dark colour in the bathroom. Is it dark Navy or black, and did you paint the ceiling in this as well. Love your style!

  • This is a little late coming, but can any one explain why and how one would lighten a paint by 50%? I’m considering the same color (BM paper white) for my condo but I’m a little confused why you would lighten a paint by 50% to compinsate for extra light? The color looks fantastic so I’m curious how I can replicate a similair result.

  • The bathroom is almost a black. Henry’s room is more navy. We did paint the ceiling in the bathroom the same color as the walls.

    Ashley–we actually had Paper White darkened by 50%, so that it would show as gray in our living/dining room, rather than nearly white. Our living/dining rooms get so much light, that the color was showing up as almost white, rather than gray like we wanted. Our bedroom gets hardly any light, so we kept Paper White the same, and it looks gray as it should. So if your room gets a lot of light, then you could darken Paper White. But if it’s low on light, you can try Paper White as is. You can email me with any questions!

  • OMG!! This is Jenny waving madly at you from across the street!! :O) There is currently a peacock hanging out on our porch – we’ve been feeding it sunflower seeds. Your house looks incredible – absolutely gorgeous and so wonderfully eclectic. Hopefully we’ll be next on the block to get ours finished up…

  • i LOVE all of the colors in your house. my husband and i just painted our bathroom a dark blue almost black. i would love to know where you got the towel in your bathroom. i’ve been looking everywhere for a towel like that!

  • Joe: they are actually bathroom cubes from Hold Everything, which went out of business a while ago unfortunately!
    Ashley: the green towels are from Anthropologie and I think I’ve seen some similar in recent months.
    Karen: The bedding was Ring of Asters (I think?) from Anthro. Some of it was on sale recently. So glad you like it!

  • I know this is old – but I was wondering if we could get a breakdown of all the paint colours/brands – I love them all!

  • in defense (even though not really necessary) of the ‘dark’ nursery …

    the current fashion of pastel/white/lightgrey nurseries is actually not that necessarily beneficial to a newborn or very small child. there has been much evidence on the positive effect of ‘uterus red’ towels & lighting on the relaxation of babies during & just after their delivery that i guess it makes sense to create a cosy ‘cavelike’ atmosphere to give them a similar sense of being cradled by their surrounds. i do have to admit that our daughter sleeps in a white bedroom though .. albeit with sheer orangey patterned blinds to warm up the whole thing a little ..

    anyhow – thought i’d chip that in .. as i L.O.V.E. this real home

  • Where did you find those little yellow buds that you have on your fireplace mantle and in your bathroom. And what might they be called? I’m always looking for natural flower/stems to put in vases as decor, without it looking too “fake”, and I LOVE those yellow buds!

  • What kind of curtain rods did you use for the LV and dining room? Is it solid brass? Your color coordination and simplistic design style is so real and warm that you can actually imagine real people living it in everyday!

  • How do you darken a paint by 50%? You add 1/2 again of each of the colorants? Do you know if Home Depot can do that or will I need to go to Ben Moore?

    • Hi Lee! I always had good luck at Ace, and changing Benjamin Moore colors just a bit. They’ll give you the exact formula (save the can or take a picture) and that way you can get additional if you need it.