sneak peek: catherine hammerton


london-based designer-maker catherine hammerton‘s work bridges a handmade aesthetic which draws on traditional techniques for silk-screen printing and hand embroidery, while also working with cutting edge digital technology.  today we’re thrilled to be sharing her home that was recently in april issue of elle decoration. stay tuned in a couple weeks for more from catherine on d*s, but in the meantime, you can check out more of her product designs here. {thanks catherine!} -anne

[photos by brent derby; styling by ali heath of plum lifestyle]

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I love the red kitchen cabinets and the blue and white tiles – and everything else!


oh my goodness it’s perfect! i’m moving into a new apartment soon-thanks for the inspiration! if my place turns out half as cute as this i’ll be thrilled!


Love the idea of the couch behind the counter and actually works for the space. This will work for small places.


I was a little surprised to see so many white walls, but I guess when you’re making new designs all the time you need a blank canvas to work off of.

LOVE the chair in image 8. Crazy beautiful


I love the “letters are letters” screenprint in the first photo. Any idea where it’s from?

Sandra Kuwartowski

I love the pattern of the dress matching the table cloth with its country style flowers combined with a collage of squares and dots!


very cute! looks like a home where the strawberry shortcake doll might have lived!


Wow! So bright a cheery! I am dying to find glass jars like tha with the lid and yellowed rubber (phtoto7)! Any idea where to get those??? I surprisingly can’t find them anywhere!


you can tell someone interesting lives here right away. so original and lively. positively love your space, especially the kitchen.


I love the ‘letters are letters’ print in the first photo. Could someone tell me where it’s from please?


I love that red polka dot dog in front of the door that prevents drafts. Where does one find one of those?


I am in love with this space!!! The kitchen is a place where I could see myself creating!


I love that sweet dress hanging in the dining room. Is that a purchase, or a DIY? It looks like it might be made of paper? I’d love to hear more about it! Thanks for the inspiration!



Thank you for all of your lovely lovely comments – all very much appreciated (I am blushing!)

Thanks to Anne and Grace for the post and the lovely Ali Heath and
Brent Darby who shot the feature.

Letters are Letters is indeed from the very lovely Ben Pentreath, on Lambs Conduit Street in London, who have limited edition prints from Hand and Eye. There are many to covert and I am sure that they would happily ship to the USA…

Our spotty dog is from Kath Kidston, and is the best guard dog we have ever had… so far…

The paper dress, above our table, was made by me as a prop for an art exhibition – I am hoping to do a series of them as part of a personal project later in the year, so watch this space!

I have a NEW website going live in the next couple of weeks so please do keep an eye on for new and exciting news and products!


sweet and lovely. it doesn’t look like she spent alot of cash but alot of style thought and love has gone into this house.

Alexandra Snowdon

Oh my! the perfect house, stripped wood floors, white walls, colourful detail, beautiful, just beautiful, I want to live there!


oh I like it. It’s fresh and crisp af the summer in Britain!
Love love love


what a great place! Nice light and all those colours. Makes me happy!


Image #8. That inspiration wall. Divine. That chair looks positively comfy to create in too! LOVE.


Very pretty. I love the bright space with little pops of blue and red. Very charming and girly. Love it!


Love the style. But have already seen this before. Was in the UK version of Elle Decoration last month.


i must know where you got that amazing teal toaster? love your style!


Have just seen your gorgeous Queen Stamp rug in the March issue of House Beautiful and the stamp cushion. Your blog is beautful.
I am in Queensland Australia.
all the best


i have just “spotted: the red and white polka dot sausage dog draft blocker….oh that is just so divine and hilarious. i LOVE it.

Amy Azzarito

Hi Milly –
I’m not sure what you’re referring to, all the links worked for me. Can you be more specific? Thanks! Amy