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sneak peek: angela and barkley of post 27

by Amy Azzarito

it seems that in nearly every one of our chicago peeks lately, the homeowners mention shopping at post 27 – so we’ve all been curious to get a little peek into the home of post 27 founders – angela finney-hoffman and barkley hoffman. post 27 opened in 2008 – the store pair mid-century vintage pieces with locally sourced accessories made from reclaimed or repurposed materials. angela has a background as a furniture designer and she has used her well-honed eye to give many of the objects in the store a “new life.” as in the store, the couple’s home also reflects their mutual love for vintage and appreciation of local artists and designers – and did i mention that they have a motorcycle? how cool is that? {thanks, angela & barkley!}amy a.

[We live in a hundred year old “brick tank” bungalow in Berwyn IL, just shy of the Chicago city limits. We’re collectors who are inspired with spaces rich with books, texture, oddities and curiosities. Color also plays a big role, as well as unmatched or unexpected pairings of objects that feel bright but not overwhelming. Not to mention our love of art, we’re so lucky to have friends who are talented artists & designers whose work has made its way into our home. Many thanks to our team at Post 27, including, Margot Harrington for helping us make this peek happen! -Angela and Barkley]

[image above and top: We wanted the kitchen to look like a room, not a typical kitchen. Renovation started the day after we moved in (happily with a sledge hammer and a cocktail in hand), Barkley and I did all the demo and construction with help from a friend who knew the ins and outs of plumbing and electrical. We did all of the work during the evenings and weekends when we were still working 9-5 jobs. We gutted the kitchen and happily tore out rose-colored counter tops, beige tiles, and fake oak cabinets. We chose to have only lower cabinets and could do so thanks to a sunny pantry that houses the fridge and additional storage. It’s the perfect little chill out nook with an Eames rocking chair and plants. The Tretchikoff print above the stove was one of the main color palette inspirations for our home, which was scored at an estate sale for $10!]

[image above: The white “light sculpture” hanging above the sofa was made by one our long time friends, Steven Teichelman, who has a wood shop around the corner from our store. The rug is one of our favorite pieces, the blue and aubergine colors mixed with its simple patterning makes it one of our favorite antique shop finds. The collage is by another friend of ours, Chad Kouri of The Post Family and the Asterik stool upholstered in reused sailboat sails is by Roscoe Jackson – and is available through Post 27.]

CLICK HERE for more of Angela and Barkley’s Chicago home!

[image above: “Organized Chaos” is one of our keys when designing interiors- Angela defines it as a saturated area of interest in a room which keeps a space from looking too cluttered, yet incorporating groupings of beloved objects and items.]

[image above: A vintage danish teak credenza holds our wedding china that was handmade in Italy,which we patiently awaited 6 months for it to be produced. The bowl full of doorknobs was an eBay score, eventually, they’ll make their way onto all the doors in our house. You can also see a few issues of our biggest inspiration, Nest magazine, a collection which we covet the most.]

[image above: This is the guest room/dressing room/reading room. Best place in the whole house to curl up with a book, watch a movie, or lounge with Camper, our super cuddly long-haired Dachshund. Also a room to display our ever-growing art collection…from a skateboard deck by Ed Templeton (above), thrifted paintings to handmade small objects. (Herb and Dorothy Vogel are our heroes.)]

[image above: The upper floor is our master bedroom “suite” which is still under construction. Completing the bathroom was our first project. The black trim and wood grain was drawn by Angela with Krink markers (favorite graffiti markers). The wood grain floor has inspired new furniture pieces that will soon be available through Post 27.]

[image above: Our basement is an art studio where we paint and collage. We love to have friends over to make art, listen to old vinyl records, and sip vino. Also home to a completely restored 1960’s Ward’s Riverside Benelli that Barkley’s brother, Ash restored from ground up.]

[Recycled metal chairs from Sprout Home]

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  • SUCH a wonderful home! I love all the artwork – inspiration everywhere! :) The hand-drawn wood grain floor is a cool detail as well. Definitely an inviting space – great job Angela and Barkley!

  • oh, be still my heart! i love all the collage- like details of their home! any chance they’d share the grey paint color of their bedroom!? its lovely! xo

  • SWOON! I’m so in luv!
    The scale of the painting in the master bedroom is fantastic…and Angela’s faux bois floor is brilliant!

  • WOW – oozing creativity!!! who is the artist MBR painting???? where can I see more of his/her work????

  • Bathroom=killer. I remember that room in Nest with the black outlines drawn on the white walls! You’ve inspired me to go get the rest of my Nests out of storage an onto my bookshelves again.

  • The asterik stool upholstered in up-cycled sailboat sails is perhaps my favorite element here. A very interesting piece.

  • what a neat place….love the chairs, lighting & the flat files on legs! & i swear the kitchen stools were in my 8th grade science lab!

  • thanks for all of your comments!
    tara – the dark gray paint is {bm – kendall charcoal – HC-166} the light gray was a custom color that i tweaked many times over and wish i had the recipe….
    mrs boo radley – the kitchen floors are cork tiles
    sandy – the artist is barkley! he is working on a website, and sometimes you can find his work for sale on our shop’s site…. he needs to get back to the studio!
    mixette – i am so glad that you are inspired to pull out your nest mags…. the best ever….

  • I love their room full of art.. the offset art and the L-shaped windows fit perfectly together! I even love the paintings just leaning against the wall on the floor.

  • Love this home! The bathroom floor/walls are just great! The layout is the same as my bungalow. Just wondering what a brick tank bungalow is? I have never heard of that before. Just googled that and it brought me back to this house tour. Thanks for the tour, your home is awesome:)

  • I must have that bed. Please give me some keywords to look up on ebay and craigslist so I may have one of my very own.

  • Wonderful! Such a pleasure to look through. I love the ‘wood grain’ design, and especially in concert with the horns. Everything except… now I’m curious about the wedding china.

  • I now have something new to hunt for… You have an amazing vintage turquoise window fan. Where on earth did you find such a wonderful thing?! :)

  • I’m coveting the blue and aubergine rug– why don’t I ever see any chic rugs like that at antique stores? I also really love the huge landscape pictures in the kitchen and basement– is there a story behind those? Terrific home! Thanks for sharing!!!

  • So,the wood grain drawing in the bathroom, is it drawn straight onto wood floors or did you put down plywood or linoleum or what? If it was stated somewhere, sorry, but I looked through and couldnt figure it out.

  • Your house is like something out of a storybook! BEAUTIFUL + ENCHANTING. One of my favorites- Your colorful and decorated CLOSET> to make something ordinary and boring, into a visual masterpiece! so so inspiring…

  • OMG!!! i was literally moaning out loud when i saw this, it was SO incredibly amazing!!!l. EVery room just kept getting better. the palette is fantastic, and it is edited to perfection!!! this could very well be my FAVE a/p posting ever!!!!! wonderful!! BIG HUGE DROOL!!

  • Whoohaa, I just LOVE this place. The use of teal/mint green and caramel in the art and textiles is lovely and I think the vintage furniture and witty details are to die for. Great inspiration, thanks so much!!

  • Wow, too bad my sister’s style didn’t get passed to me! Your space has always been incredible! Nice job looks amazing, love all the paintings in MY room – (guest room). Now you need to come and help me.

  • Hi Angela,
    I am wondering where you found what looks to be a white flat file? It’s the best looking one I’ve ever seen!

  • hi there – some more info for everyone:
    *the print above the eames rocker is a vintage science print, we have about 20 different ones left at the store and could email you images if you are interested… sometimes you can find them on ebay by searching “science print”
    *the flat file is actually a braces cabinet! we weren’t sure what it was until we were cleaning it out and found little metal parts that freaked me out and took me back to the days of being at the orthodontist, it’s great storage for small art pieces…
    *the floor in the bathroom is plywood sanded, clear coated, outlined and clear coated, easy but tedious….
    thanks again for all the wonderful comments and so glad to bring inspiration, you don’t have to have a huge budget or an insane home to make it something wonderful.

  • Beautiful home!
    I also am curious as to the story of the large landscape prints. I LOVE the one in the kitchen.

  • Wonderful! We love your store.
    So lovely to have a peek at a well-thought home full of wit and juxtapositions of color. And a great renovation. And, to know you are in Berwyn is very nice… We’ve also renovated our Berwyn bungalow on our own, post 9-5!

  • So inspiring! Wish I had the brains and the hands to transform dreams into reality as they do!

  • Love everything. You both are extremely talented. How lucky you are to do what you love. Barkley I think you’d better get back into your passion of art-people need your work. Angela hope to see u next time we visit the shop. Love-KT

  • I love the design sense in both the home and the shop-totally inspiring!
    I’m curious about the magazine NEST and how I can subscribe or where I can purchase it…I’ve tried to find out through the blog and the link to Pulp Publications which didn’t work. Any suggestions?

    • meristem

      sadly nest has been closed since 2004. sniff sniff. it started in 1997 and was AMAZING. you might be able to find back issues at a library or on ebay, etc.

      grace :)

  • Love the place! Who’s the artist of the blue lady painting above the stove? I have seen a similar portrait in a Philip Stark restaurant and I would love to know! Google isn’t working for me …

  • debuse
    the artist of the blue lady is tretchikoff, you can find them on ebay… they are going up in price, but worth it because the colors are phenomenal-

  • What a wonderful home! Love it. Can you tell me more about the black pendant light in kitchen? Like the gold/bronze (?) interior. Thx. Julie

  • Love the open closet with the colorful paper behind it. If you have pretty things why not show them! Huge fan of the practicality of fining items so easily too.

  • Such a wonderful home Angela and Barley! An absolute inspiration…and the sore is fantastic too. You have exceptional taste. I could not resist but I had to share your pad on my blog! Thank you! Andrea X

  • Just my style.

    I was immediately drawn to the Tretchikoff painting of Chinese Girl/The Green Lady painting in the kitchen. I love the way it has now assumed ‘cool’ status. When I was growing up in South Africa, that Chinese Girl painting was only seen in the homes of people with dubious taste. Tretchicoff lived in South Africa until his death so he was pretty popular there but his work was always seen as too kitch to be taken seriously by those in the know. I love it now, it looks great used in the kitchen in the first shot, it’s so kitch it’s cool!

  • Angela – I have been trying (and failing) to get a kitchen yellow right – what color is the yellow wall behind the Tretchicoff?

  • Do we know where the large landcape is from – the one on the side of the kitchen above the 2 chairs? My Great Aunt had something similar, but much larger in her den. I had the chance to have it after she passed, but didn’t know where I would keep it, but now that I have a home I’d love to find something like that.


  • jason: i found my large print in a basement at an estate sale, it is actually reversible and has a different scene on the back – we switch it up when we need a change.
    i think it was a common object for 1950’s basements… because i have 3 in my home….maybe try some estate sales, i have tried to search for these online, and haven’t had any luck, because i don’t know how to word the search….. good luck!

    erin: the yellow in the kitchen is benjamin moore / antique bronze #217

    terri: yes, tretchikoff is one of my faves, there is a book out on him now!!!

    andrea: thanks for sharing the love!


  • I love this place… but I love the bike more. Can you please post a link to a larger image? I would be very grateful.

  • Hi–Ditto all of the above! I have a turn of the century house in Portsmouth, NH. Has all natural wood, so always always appreciate finding a home that achieves a modern vibe w/out the ubiquitous white trim. Anyway, MY QUESTION is -What did you use for your kitchen counter tops?

  • hi there!
    themark, i will add more images to flickr soon of the motorcycle, it is a beauty!
    catherine – the counter tops of matte black laminate with a square edge, we wanted science lab tops, but our budget didn’t allow the real deal, so we picked laminate because it was affordable, looks good when it is super clean, but shows everything!
    thanks for all of the comments!

  • OMG! My husband is the pack-rat and it has been our beef. Now that I have seen your cool design of your office shelving, I know what to do with the old turntable he cannot part with! Thank you! Love your uniqueness.

  • I keep coming back to this house tour because every room is just amazing. Beautiful yet attainable, the best combo! But most especially I love seeing all the natural wood trim work in harmony with all that cool stuff. I just moved into a house with wood trim and am slowly realizing that there are very few home tours online without white trim. So I love seeing inspirational pictures like these!!

  • love it! (but I keep wondering why so many people bind their curtains in the middle, it always looks kind of sloppy and wrong)

  • Hey just wanted to give you a quick heads up and let you know a few of the images aren’t loading properly.
    I’m not sure why but I think its a linking issue.
    I’ve tried it in two different browsers and both show the same outcome.

  • Can you please tell me the name of the paint color you used for your master bedroom? You have a lovely sense of color throughout your home.

    ~ Marissa.