simply color: emma cassi

Emma Cassi truly knows how to style an interior. She places the objects around her house perfectly, in a way that makes it all appear so effortless and comfortable. The linen pillows are a pleasant touch. I think linen should be present in every neutral colored home, yes? I also adore the pops of black, which seem to be getting quite popular (and for good reason!). Neutrals are a classic choice for any interior, as they are timeless and match just about anything. —Lauren

Image 1:
A) Beluga (Behr), PMS 433 B) Mt. Rushmore Rock (Benjamin Moore), PMS 7530 C) Edgecomb Gray (Benjamin Moore), PMS Warm Gray 1 D) Crisp Straw (Benjamin Moore), PMS 719 E) Sunset Beige (Behr), PMS 728

Image 2:
A) Lemon Zest (Behr), PMS Yellow B) Peanut Butter (Behr), PMS 7521 C) Stem Green (Benjamin Moore), PMS 577 D) Paramount (Behr), PMS 432 E) Heavenly Song (Behr), PMS 698


I love the color schemes here, especially on the first photo. I would love to get some of the colors at the paint store… Are the color descriptions and numbers for a certain type of paint?

Color Collective

Thanks! Julie- yes the paint names are listed above, and the brand of paint is in parenthesis next to the name. (The PMS numbers are for special inks-pantone- which are used by graphic designers.)

Teresa Frake

Your merchandise is really nice.
Thankyou for letting me see this.