prints by louis reith

like yesterday’s silhouettes from mike miller, i love when artwork has an aged look, or makes me feel like the pieces used are coming from years past. so i’m really digging this print set from amsterdam-based artist louis reith at little paper planes. louis’ pieces focus on using abstracted typographical forms that have moved behind the idea of letters and have become bold icons and shapes. his use of what looks like aged paper (i think they’re book pages) makes me feel like these pieces are some sort of oddly scientific, astrological, or architectural drawings from centuries ago. no matter what they are or remind me of, they’re simply beautiful. you can check out and shop ($120 for 4, $35 each) louis’ collection online right here, and visit louis’ personal site here. thanks, kelly!

dale ocasio

These are fantastic. I love louis’ whole website—very cool, refreshing, exiting work. Thank you, so much.


i really love these, they feel otherworldly to me. AND it gets better because Grace, just a small correction–the prints are only $35 each, $120 for the whole set of four!!

Nicodemus Green

Are these actually drawn on the paper shown, or super-imposed onto scanned paper with Photoshop?

Really nice looking pieces!



i’m guessing they were originally drawn on book pages and then photographed or scanned to create these prints.



yay, Louis’ work is great! He’s a great guy too and deserves all the best!