present & correct + satsuma press

ac and i spent most of our sunday dragging heavy ikea boxes up three flights of stairs and setting up our new home office, so i’ve got office accessories on the brain. we picked out a desktop with a clear glass lid, so i’ve been editing down my accessories and relishing the chance to show off really cute scissors and pens.

so when i saw these new pencil cases from present & correct i instantly thought about how cute they’d look under the glass display lid. made in a leather factory in london, present & correct’s new pencil cases are available in two sizes- one shaped like an envelope (based on an old airmail template) and the other is a flatter shape meant for pens or p&c’s cute patterned schedule sheets. each case is hand-finished, embossed (with graphics inspired by homework themes), and available in three colors. click here to check them out in more detail and shop online. thanks, neal!

in other cute office accessories news, i’m loving these bicycle and triangle cards from lynn at satsuma press. ever since i bought my bicycle for my birthday, i’ve been obsessed with bike imagery, so this is just perfect. and the triangles? adorable. i always keep a ton of cards stashed in my home office for mailing out letters, etc so this are right up my alley. click here to view them in more detail and shop online.


i am sitting at such a clear top ikea desk now. the downside is, there’s no way to have a junk drawer, but it’s really hard to lose anything!


thanks for the great monday, grace! beautiful things overload!


Love those cases! Its really hard to find one that’s smart but not dull, i would take them to a meeting.

Amy Mayfield

Oooh, I love those cards. The triangles are so cute!