new world map by famille summerbelle

i’m always excited to see an email from julie at famille summerbelle. her paper-cut maps are absolutely stunning and her latest edition, a world map, is no different. for the first time julie has branched out and created a beautiful two color paper cut, as she felt it better accentuated the continents and oceans. the final result ($60) is a gorgeous map which is now available in print-form, measuring approximately 27.5 inches x 19.5 inches. as an added bonus, julie created a fantastic short video (below) that shows the process of making the original paper cut! over 20 hours of detailed paper cutting was condensed into 2 minutes of video, so i hope this will give an idea of hard work and dedication that goes into making such an intricate piece. click here for more info and to pick up one of famille summerbelle’s new map prints!


Sorry, I have to point this out everytime it happens because its really sad that it does – but New Zealand has been left off this map as it so often is! ITS A REAL PLACE!


It’s beautiful. It’s really too bad that Antarctica is misspelled (as Antartica) – I’m anal enough that that would bother me every time I looked at it.


Thanks so much Grace for the post!! I just wanted to reply to Di, I haven’t forgotten New Zealand (I have family there so they would have been very annoyed with me if I left it out of the map!), New Zealand is most certainly there. Sheep and all. The only thing that is perhaps a little different to how you’d expect, is that I have cut the axis slightly differently, putting New Zealand onto the bottom left of the map!


Funny – I was going to make a similar comment to Di – I “thought” I could see a tiny piece of the North Island over in the bottom left corner, but wasn’t sure. I think we need a photo zoomed in on the sheep :-) I bet it’s cute.

Have you ever seen an “upside down World Map”? I have one hanging in my office with New Zealand centered at the top.


Amazing! I’m sorry, I just re-read my message and I sound well catty. Not intended at all! This is beautiful. I am so used to NZ being left off maps its unreal – according to a few maps at the British Museum we don’t exsist [in particular the volcano/fault line maps – which is ridiculous!] and I tend ot shout WHERE IS NEW ZEALAND everytime I see a map and cannot see NZ.

Its hilarious, maps down there have NZ in the middle, but in the UK have us to the bottom right.

The upside down maps are genius! I had one growing up! If you think about it, the world could go either way couldn’t it.

Anyhoo, thats my ramble for the afternoon… xx


Stunning work!

I love this map so much. :)