morning inspiration: bottles + lights

there are few things more effortlessly beautiful than green glass bottles. sitting in a windowsill, filled with flowers, or displayed on a mantle, they really take the cake for me. i collect vintage green bottles whenever i see an affordable one at a junk shop or a fleamarket, but this morning i’m drooling over the collection of vintage bottles trina at bottle green homes has collected. in addition to vintage milk bottles, she’s got a gorgeous collection of green and clear bottles that would be perfect for displaying around the house. click here to check out her full offerings online.

also, after yesterday’s pendant lamp roundup i’ve got lighting on the brain. and this cool minimalist LED lamp called “001” by israeli designer naama hofman is beautiful. each light is made from a bent metal rod and LED light. the construction is so simple, but elegant, and can be placed on a table, hung, or leaned against a wall. the shape is so pretty and simple, i can’t get enough. click here for more information on the 001 light and to contact naama about her work or purchasing. thanks, naama!


there is nothing better than scrubbing up a sink full of cobweb filled and tattered old bottles…
i’ll take that over breakfast dishes any day :)


Love the colors and texture of the bottles! I think I’ve found myself a new hobbie…

Dreaming of Palm Trees

My sister did the flowers-in-bottles idea recently, for a friend’s baby shower, and it looked so lovely. It really transformed her backyard. Great party decor idea!


Everyone’s talking about those bottles, but I’m excited about that brilliant 001 Lamp!! Coolest. Idea. EVER.


I would love to use those bottles and then put water with a few drops of food coloring into it. Especially with those green bottles, that would make some beautiful contrast.

Jules @ Lovely Las Vegas

Beautiful and creative compilation of flour vases!

I do use glass bottles too for this purpose, but they definitely do not look as classy or lovely as Trina’s collection.