molly hatch: mimesis

i’m a huge fan of molly hatch‘s ceramic work, so i was excited to hear that she’s got a new show, molly hatch: mimesis, at the clay studio in philadelphia. molly is showing a wide range of work, but i think her cup-on-cup designs are my favorite. i’d be happy to drink my morning tea out of one of those beauties. click here for more info on the show and here for molly’s blog. thanks, naomi!


I think mixing and matching these would give any tablescape a really eclectic feel. These are beautiful!


oh my oh my
I love seeing the teacups painted onto teacups–so sweet and fun. Beautiful creations.

The Art of Doing Stuff

The cups are beauuuuutiful, but I especially love the printing on the bottom of those cups! So when I lift the cup wayyy up, and (not so elegantly) gulp down the last dregs of my coffee, I will still look cute to those around me! Genius.

Mary Ann

Thanks for sharing this unique way of looking @functional pottery. Mary Ann @ Anchor Cottage in Suttons Bay MI


I love the image on the bottom. So often the bottoms are forgotten! Beauty from every angle!

Kate @ Savour Home

I adore Molly Hatch’s work, and I own a teacup and a beaker, which I use as a small vase. I can confirm that tea actually does taste better out of her teacups!


Molly Hatch came to give a demo and an artist’s lecture at my school (I’m a recent graduate from KCAI’s ceramics department) and it was truly a pleasure to see her in action! I’ve loved her work ever since – thank you for recognizing a truly phenomenal ceramic artist!


These cup mugs are so lovely, I love the way their displayed in that frame. Gorgeous.


So perfect! When you want the pretty lady daintiness of a teacup, but the volume of a mug!


all of Molly’s beautiful cups are now online in the clay studios online shop. have included some images of the beautiful patterns on the bottom too!
well done miss molly.