linda & harriett birthday calendar

by Grace Bonney

i’m a huge fan of linda & harriett stationery, so i was excited to see that they’re adorable new birthday calendar ($30) is now up on the site and ready for sale. liz at linda & harriett has decided to release some fun, limited-edition monthly projects and this colorful calendar is the first to launch. i’m always bad at remembering people’s birthdays so this would be right up my alley. sidenote: where can i find that floral wallpaper below? it’s gorgeous. thanks, liz!

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  • That’s fantastic! I have to say I have every electronic gadget there is, but I still find notepads the easiest and most convenient to use. I still write appts. on calendars and grocery lists on paper. The birthday calendar is a great idea and it’s a good lookin’ little notepad to boot!

  • Thanks so much, Grace!

    The wallpaper is vintage from Secondhand Rose in Soho. I’ve had it for years:)


  • This is so beautiful. I love that it can be used year after year (unheard of in the calendar world!) Thanks Liz and Grace!

  • I love this. There is a Dutch tradition of hanging these birthday calendars in your bathroom so guests can add their birthdays to the list. Perfect!

  • This is a great creation. I am constantly forgetting peoples birthdays. I really like the way that they are designed with a different colour theme on each page. The illustrations also keep to the birthday theme, which is ideal so when you look at the calendar, you immediately think birthday. The overall look to the design is quite fun, which is what birthdays should be. I think this is represented by the hand-drawn, playfulness of the illustrations.

  • I would love to get one of these calendars but wondering if they are still available. I see most of the comments are from 2010. Thank you!