june d*s desktop wallpaper: chris bettig of mountain label

yesterday i was flying (or rather, being bumped about next to a kicking toddler) on a puddle jumper plane home from virginia so i wasn’t able to get the new d*s desktop wallpaper up in time. so today i’m happy to be sharing a brand new (free!) downloadable desktop wallpaper from one of my favorite artists (and home owners), christopher bettig of the mountain label. i’ve been following christopher’s work for years now and he only gets better as time goes on. he’s currently in scotland for a solo show at analogue books so if you’re in edinburgh i hope you’ll stop by and say hi! thanks so much to christopher for sharing this wonderful design with us!

CLICK HERE to download christopher’s desktop wallpaper with and without a june calendar


these are my absolute favorites… i look forward to my new calendar every month! it’s the little things that count when you work in a gray cubicle:)


My favorite calendar yet! Its cheerfulness is infectious, which is just what I need this June.


Love it! I look forward to the new wallpapers every month!



oh …thanks for introducing this lovely designer to us…I really love that


this is a favorite–when June was over I replaced my calendar version with the calendar-free version so that I could keep using it.