john robshaw fall 2010

today i woke up on the wrong side of the bed after an all-night battle with our building’s shoddy wiring. our apartment just can’t handle an air-conditioner running, even when nothing else in the house is on. so after a night of alternately running downstairs to flip the breaker switches and feeling like i was going to melt into the sheets, i’m going to start the day with some eye candy that reminds me of a good night’s sleep. designer john robshaw‘s fall 2010 collection preview just went out and i’m loving not only the bedding featured, but the actual beds used in the shoot. those curved wooden headboards are just perfect for john’s style of print and pattern. i’m partial to his red color palettes so the “jaggery” collection below is my favorite. but i’m also loving the pink rug in the image above. the new collection will be online soon, but in the meantime, check out john’s adorable pet beds and gorgeous shower curtain collection.


love the fabrics! also love the font (‘Jaggery’ and ‘Garden Folly’… which is that? Or is it calligraphy?



i don’t know the name, but i’ve seen it at check the “script” section…



What a beautiful collection. Too hot for blankets now… almost makes me wish it was fall (**almost**).


Miki DeVivo

These are absolutely gorgeous. I’ve been searching for slate colored sheets. Do you know when these will be available? The curved headboard is so beautiful. Do you know who makes it? I want this whole set up :)

Green Key

Gorgeous textiles! I wish I could find the pillow that has the Indian miniature-like image of a woman on the front. I clicked through all the pillows and it’s not there. I’d love to have one of those! Does anyone know where to find it?


Would I be wrong to want a pet bed for ME to sit on?? Those look so comfortable! I like this post :)

Ann K.

I consistently love Robshaw’s designs. Now if only I could afford even a lowly sham…


i love his fabrics and his finished products. i work in a showroom in sf where we sell his fabric by the yard. i have meet him in person a couple of time and he the most dreamiest person and sooo incredible nice. he truly is an amazing designer!



Hi! I’m a brasilian architect and I love your job! Always came here to see thoose beautifull things! Thank you for showing theese cute posts!


So pretty! I love everything on the Jaggery page. Also eyeing that White and yellow leaf pattern shower curtain…


Beautiful print! And for the record, I can totally relate to your air conditioning dilema. My house need to be rewired and if I have any other appliance on other than aircon. the fuses start to blow. Now using an old fashioned fan.

Lindsay Troy

Love love love…do we know when these will be available???



they’re fall designs so i’m guessing late summer? i’d look for them in the next 3-4 weeks.;


Rachael Lachel

Why are all these amazing perfect for my room fabrics so pricey! I need to save….but totally worth it. hmmphh

Mandeep Khunkhuna

I really like the modern touch to the Indian style for the overall collection. He has combined the rich culture from India, with quite cool and calming alternative designs, which gives it that modern touch. This works really well as most fabrics and clothes from India use quite bright colours. The way the collection is put together, he uses styles and elements from India and adapts them so that they are less overpowering and can be suitable for all homes.

Colleen Martin

I love your post on John Robshaw’s textiles and have been looking everywhere for a one of his carved headboards. Any ideas where I can get one or something similar?