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diy project: erica’s july 4th bbq brooch

by Grace Bonney

emails from erica at ps i made this always make me happy. erica has more craftiness in her little finger than i have in my entire body- so her projects are always a favorite of mine. today she’s sharing a seriously fun holiday themed project: a july 4th BBQ brooch! whether you’re grilling out with friends and family this weekend or watching the fireworks from your roof (woohoo!), this funky little brooch would make for a fun party favor for guests or just a little bit of festive decoration for red, white, and blue outfit. click here to read more about the project on erica’s site, or here to follow erica on twitter. thanks, erica!

*how fun is erica’s inspiration board above? so psyched to see a flag cake- i geek out and make one for july 4th every year.

CLICK HERE for the full how-to after the jump!

BBQ Brooch from Erica at PS I made This
-Text below from Erica

I couldn’t sleep the other night, so I ended up having a spontaneous peek through my “Take to beach” bag. Stocked with goodies for this weekend’s July 4th BBQ in Montauk, New York, I decided to use things from the back to create a project. Always trying to re-purpose, reuse and reinvent anything and everything, I thought that this brooch would be a fun DIY.

Instead of just focusing on the BBQ’s amazing food and the colorful details that accompany the soirees, I tried to think about some fabulous fashion additions as well. These days I’m all about adding an over-sized embellished brooch here and there, so this festive and unique accessory is perfect to pin to a white tank or a purse!

Have a Happy July 4th! Remember not to throw away this weekend’s BBQ napkins, forks, and coasters… PS- You need them to make this!


-STARFISH (or other shells work as well)
– SAFETY PIN (to secure onto your garment)


1. Trace and cut circles out of cocktail napkins

2. Fold and add a dab of glue to “napkin circles” into quarters (Keep a little loose and not so even for a fluttery flower)

3. Cluster and glue onto coaster

4. Glue starfish (or whatever seaside embellishments you chose)

5. Continue to glue coins, buttons, studs around the coaster base

6. Turn over coaster. Layer 3 forks (bottom teeth only) but securing with a glue gun. Use finger to hold down till completely dry.

7. Secure onto garment or accessory with safety pins.

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