Day Three: Shabby Chic

I have to admit, for a while I wasn't so into forest green. It's funny how all it takes is an image like this to completely change my opinion of a particular color. This stove is amazing! The blue drawers and shelves are a brilliant complement, and I just can't get over the gold accents.

Again, the gold accents are gorgeous. Fresh flowers can add the perfect pop of color to a room, and in this case, I adore the color of the three roses. The rustic brown mirror frame is just right against the light yellow wall. This bathroom, to me, is shabby chic at it's best!

Image 1: Scanned from The Color Design File, photo by Christopher Drake

Image 2: Scanned from Apartment Living, photo by Fernando Bengoechea

Keska George @ KG Style

I have never designed anything using the color Forest Green but it is very lovely to see it come together this way! I now have a vision and an inspiration for designing a Forest Green room. Will have to persuade clients now.


love that first palette! i’ve never really been into gold accents, but those don’t feel over the top at all. they’re fabulous!


I have a similar green palette in my bedroom. It’s an unconventional choice but it’s so soothing!


Absolutely gorgeous!!! (I’m looking forward to these posts tremendously — thanks for the introduction.)


I absolutely ADORE this kitchen. I am green with envy ;)

Frenchee le Trip

….do you know in which country the kitchen is located? I’m seeing so many French inspired or actual French elements.

Frenchee le Trip

Color Collective – thanks! I’m guessing that means Italy. It’s really the most beautiful kitchen I’ve ever seen.


This concept: of showing the color tabs with the photo, is just wonderful. I know a product designer who was doing it for a while. Very very effective! It helps the artist to really SEE the colors in the photo, and the viewer then has more to absorb….

claudine gordon

these are all so dreamy and relaxing to look at… wow …wow and wow


Given forest green is my least favourite colour – this combination works so well – I love it!


it’s relaxing to me when two colors next to each other on the color wheel are used together….I LOVE all these.

Melissa Abraham

The combination of the colors and fusion of the florals elements with the perfect accent of gold its perfect.!!


The cool greens in these rooms are absolutely amazing, and the brightness is so refreshing.