Day Four: Garden Inspired

Ever since I began interning at Frolic!, I have been going crazy for all things garden inspired. Chelsea is an amazing floral + prop stylist, and has been teaching me a little bit about floral design! Flowers and plants are a great way to add color to any room. I find that my mood is always better when I have fresh flowers around the house! Why not bring a little bit of the garden inside?

Flowers look good just about anywhere you put them. I love the versatility of colors with flowers—you can choose a different color every week! If you run out of vases (or even if you don't!) remember that old tins and jars can make for a lovely alternative.

Images 1 & 2: Scanned from Gardenhouse, photo by Shaun Sullivan

Image 3: Emma Mitchell via Define1Lady


I love the table cloth in the first photo. Makes me feel like I am in my Grandmother’s kitchen. These color palettes are so soothing- thanks for sharing.

emma lamb

yummy palettes today Lauren… i’m so smitten with muted vintage greens just now (as you know!) so these are really striking a chord… :)
emma x

Riki Zarris

Wow that is so cool I have a linen tablecloth with the same color palette but different pattern. They must be related somehow. It is one of my all time favorite vintage finds. I will have to take a picture and share on my blog next week.

Melissa Breden

Fresh Flowers in the house is always uplifting to my clients. It shows that you care enough to take the time to enjoy the smells and the color.

abby jenkins

I am running right out to my prop closet and going to grab my marble slab to put on a small table and duplicate that divineness! Can’t wait to sort seeds on that baby.


Loved the 2nd photo in Garden Inspired -flowers with books and the old watering cans. Lovely.


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