Day Five: Romantic Irish Interiors

This wallpaper is pretty, don't you think? That blue is gorgeous paired with dark red and maroon. I'm loving the curtains over the bed, and the patchwork bedspread. Very romantic.

Okay, lets talk about how wonderful this coral color is. Coral is great on it's own as a solid wall color, and it's equally as beautiful as an accent color combined with sea green, light pink and cream. Both of these images have me thinking about adding some coral into my own home!

Well friends, this is my last guest post on Design Sponge! A big thanks to Grace, it has been so much fun! If you have been following along, and want to see more color palettes and inspiration, be sure to stop by my blog Color Collective. Have a splendid weekend everyone!

Images 1, 2 & 3: Scanned from Romantic Irish Homes (Author, Robert O’Byrne. Publisher, Cico Books), photos by Simon Brown


Hmmm, I think I am being nudged – my daughter came home from college intent on redoing her room in coral and pink and I found 30 rolls of blue and white Laura Ashley tree of life printed wallpaper. Time to redecorate? Why yes, yes it is.

Jesse Lu

Thanks for all these lovely posts, Lauren… I’ve really enjoyed them and look forward to following your blog. ;)


Does anyone know who makes the blue and white wallpaper in the first photo?


Lauren…I love these palettes but forgive me, I’m not an artist…what are the numbers corresponding to? Is there a paint line that includes these colors?

Color Collective

Erika- so sorry, i don’t know who makes the wallpaper! would be nice to know!

Rita- the numbers are a reference for the Pantone matching system. Generally used by graphic designers/printers as an ink reference for printing.

Sandra Kuwartowski

those pictures reminded me of a very nice time in Ireland. I love the way the walls are decorated by wallpaper or lively colour. I love that sink and of course the chaise lounge..


My mother makes quilts just like the one in the first photo. They are amazing! She uses 2″ scraps from her other sewing projects, so each quilt is an amalgamation of bits of all of her project.


I love the Irish interiors and colors! We spent our honeymoon in Ireland and these pictures bring back memories. Thank you.


That is soooo cozy!!! Thanks for sharing the Irish Old
World Charm!! I would love to see the whole house…and to fire pit
tables comment, i have used fabric for wall paper, it can look

Frances Seward

I do love the colors together and can almost smell that familiar smell of old rooms that I adore, hear the creaks and feel the fresh air in those rooms!


cool stuff! I’ve forwarded this onto some of our stock photography photographers for ideas. Reminds me of staying in a farmhouse in Ireland when I was a kid! bestm Simon at Pixmac photography


i love irish homes and their interiors, they are built to such a high quality compared to where i live. i would love to look around the whole has to give my ideas on how to do mine

MB @ Yarn U iPhone app

I stayed at a rather lovely Irish B&B years ago…it was like stepping back in time truly, beautiful wallpaper and peat moss burning in the fireplace!


I LOVE the color coral! It is on an accent wall in my room now and I used it back in college too almost 5 years ago. It is a sunny, happy color and since I work out of my bedroom/office, I need it. LOVE this website and this guest blog!


This is exactly what I have been waiting for! Getting ready to settle in to a new space very soon and I have been waiting to fall in love with some ideas for my bedroom and bath…now I can’t wait to get cozy with coral :)


The warm colors, especially the red, make the room so elegant and beautiful.


Very contrasting and so Irish. lol… So far, I’ve enjoyed your blog

Nicolas R.

Love Irish Romanitic/Country. Something to be said about traditional design. Its warm and inviting. Growing up in Europe the chabby chic was the normal. Every home was filled with history, and pride in the family history. One thing I noticed is Europeans mix, old with the very modern which is fantastic. United States has a lot to learn about design. Thanks for the wonderful website. Will mention it on my blog/design site.


This sure has a personality of its own. This room is so lovable – works great for someone with a colorful eye!

bop da

One thing I noticed is Europeans mix, old with the very modern which is fantastic. United States has a lot to learn about design. Thanks for the wonderful website. Will mention it on my blog/design site.