cynthia vardhan ceramics

cynthia vardhan is a ceramic designer working in downtown columbus, ohio. specializing in intricately patterned work, cynthia produces a beautiful collection of tableware and vases that are inspired by a wide range of sources like moroccan tiles, indian henna, and french pastries. i was immediately drawn to the piece above, which has the henna feel cynthia described as a big influence- i love all that tiny, raised, intricate detailing. click here to check out (and shop) cynthia’s full collection online.


these are stunning! the shape and the detail and delicate and beautiful. i would love to own one of these…maybe i will!


Absolutely gorgeous. It takes a very steady hand to paint such detail!


Love all of them, especially the first one. They’re so delicate and pretty.


i love the henna effect on them – so lovely!!!! i’d like a shelf full of these


Beautiful! Both ceramic artists you’ve shared in the past couple of days have been great. Have you seen Julia Galloway’s work? She’s a professor where I went to college and I’ve always loved her ceramic work:


I have done shows and seen her work in person at them. They are much more beautiful in person. She has an amazing attention to detail.


These are beautiful! I wish I could buy them all. :)

Jenna Sais Quois

I am loving this! I am from Columbus, and get so excited to see local features on Design*Sponge. I wish I had known about Cynthia Vardhan all along!


We’re all really proud of Cynthia here at CCAD! Although it was sad to see her go she’s clearly talented and doing what she loves!


Wow, those are really gorgeous. I just keep staring at them trying to soak up all the details.


As the proud owner of one of Cynthia’s vases, I have to attest to the sexiness of the outrageously tactile textures. It’s beautiful to look at and amazing to touch!

Jen Kim

absolutely gorgeous detailing, i love that her inspiration comes from so many different things!


Absolutely gorgeous and flawless… the hand decoration on these is immaculate. Every time I visit Cynthia’s studio I want to take home everything. Congratulations Cynthia! So great to see your work featured!