behind the bar: michelle & joe’s eurasian martini

For this month’s column we are excited to feature the libation creation of our dear friends Michelle Nolan, a commercial photographer, and Joe Dapier, the former drummer of Dovetail Joint and the current drummer/songwriter of Telekøm. Aptly named the Eurasian (Michelle being of Filipino decent and Joe, Polish) this is the kind of cocktail mixologists dream of – a harmonious blend of unsuspecting ingredients from disparate origins served chilled in a tall martini glass. Enjoy! (heed Michelle and Joe’s advice and maybe enjoy just one!). {thanks, Michelle & Joe} -alissa + ryan

[Photography by Michelle Nolan]

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About Michelle and Joe: Joe Dapier and Michelle Nolan are newly married, live in Chicago and are owned by a Pug named Manolo and a Frenchie named Egon. Joe is an Associate Creative Director at a large advertising agency, Leo Burnett. Michelle is a freelance photographer who does both advertising and editorial work all over the U.S. Check out her work at

Why We Chose This Recipe: Like two mighty continents coming together, our marriage has been a veritable UN assembly’s worth of influences. I’m of hearty polish stock and my wife, a little Filipina flower with the inner strength of Imelda Marcos’ shoe rack.

Safe to say, we both grew up steeped in the ethnic hodgepodge of food, flavors and drinks enjoyed by our respective families. To put it simply, I’m vodka and pierogies, she’s lychee cocktails and ponset.

Now married and living as one, we decided to make a drink that bridged the ingredient gap between eastern Europe and southeast Asia so we’d feel at home no matter what part of the world we find ourselves in.

When it comes to cocktails, neither of us are master mixologists by any stretch. Oddly enough, one Tuesday night in the heat of early summer, our cramped little urban kitchen set the stage for the birth of a refreshingly complex drink so mind-bendingly good, we were compelled to spread the word (you know, in the name of global harmony and all that).

After all, the one language spoken fluently throughout most of the world is the language of drink. That said, enter the Eurasian Martini – the perfect summer time sipper that’s smooth, fragrant and deceptively strong. We know it’ll be a hit at your next outdoor bash. Just make sure those who partake in this drink, also partake in the services of your local cab company.

Na zdrowie, Tagay, and Cheers!

Eurasian Martini Recipe


Unfiltered Dry Sake (Should look slightly cloudy)

Polish Potato vodka (Chopin or Belvedere)

Lychee Liqueur (SOHO)

Pomegranate Juice

Fresh Mint Leaves or Limes

One can of whole Lychees.


Throw some ice in a cocktail shaker then add:

3.5 oz sake

1.5 oz vodka

1 oz Soho lychee liqueur

1 oz pomegranate juice

Shake well then strain into a chilled glass

Add 1 lychee

Garnish with 1 mint leaf and/or squeeze of lime

Strap yourself in your chair and enjoy.

Serves two.

Have a great weekend!


This looks delicious and those photos are AMAZING! Can’t wait to try it this weekend :0)


A really interesting combination for a great looking drink. Fabulous photos as well! Thanks for the great post.


Awesome pics. Joe, it was so fun to see you on here, so well-written ;) oh, and the drink looks good too!


Great story, love it! Totally unique drink, that sounds really tasty! Awesome job on the pictures!


What a great way to combine your two backgrounds! What better way to celebrate it than with drink. Sounds tasty and love those glasses!

Mark Dapier

My son has exquisite taste in women and drink!


that was the funniest thing i’ve read all week. the cocktail looks and sounds delicious. i am now on the mad hunt for lychee liqueur.

Patricia Shea

This sounds and looks like heaven…I adore lychees and pomegranate…the colour is beautiful and I can’t wait to try out this divine libation…thanks for the recipe!!


- my mom used to freeze fresh, peeled lychee, and then put them into drinks (!).

Matt - Art Rogue

Wow. It’s Monday and I already can’t wait for Friday.

I always love when presentation is equally important as ingredients to a cocktail.