before & after: valerie’s office + marise’s credenza

good morning! i thought it would be fun to start today off bright and early with some makeovers to inspire a little summer cleaning. first up are valerie and roger from cabin + cub design. to make room for their soon-to-arrive baby (due this week!) valerie and roger had to convert their 2nd bedroom (which was being used as their office) into a nursery. looking for a space in their apartment to house work and office equipment, this talented team converted their storage/pantry closet into a new office space! they built in a desk and shelf and added a tree pattern in the back to create the illusion of nature, since the space won’t have the luxury of windows and natural light. i think most of of small space dwellers can appreciate a good closet re-do, so i hope you’ll join me in sending a big thumbs up to valerie and roger, great work guys!

[have a before & after you’d like to share? just shoot me an email with your images right here! (low res, under 500k per image, please)]

CLICK HERE for marise’s credenza makeover after the jump!

this next project comes from marise evans, who decided to spruce up a thrift store find for only $30 with paint and fabric. i love a good credenza upgrade so this budget-friendly one was a great way to start the day. thanks for sharing, marise!


Both projects are great! Love the colors they used. It’s making me more excited about doing some projects of my own once we get moved! Great job ladies :)


Cool! Really awesome.. And I especially like the print idea…
By the way, what thickness is the shelf/table?


I LOVE this closet re-do. Where did they get that awesome birch tree and bird wall decal? Would love to have it.


What a serene office space – love the trees & birds. Credenza also beautiful. Well done! :)


Oh my gosh…love love love that work space! The new nursery must be gorgeous as well!

Jill the Duchess

This is so cute! I love the colors they chose and it’s amazing how much a little color and some white birch trees can transform the space to look huge and bright! The wall decals (or are they painted?) remind me of the decals you can get from Blik ( I just bought a HUGE full moon decal from their site which arrived last week – now I just need to paint and put it up! This has inspired me!! Great work!


What an amazing idea for an office space! Love the birch tree, and the color scheme as well. Also love the fabric choice for the credenza, such a great way to add a splash of color :)


WOW ~ awesome. The trees look they are reaching out to hug you ~ such a great space for concentrated work


Did they just paint the tree design, or is it a transfer? (original art or something you can buy?)


I almost cried when I saw the trees and birds stencil behind the computer. It is so perfect and cute and relaxing. I covet!


please let me know where they got the tree decals – I haven’t seen an answer posted yet. THis is just perfect for my closet, I’ve been struggling with what to do with it – thanks for the inspiration!


These are both fantastic! Can you tell me the paint color and what the fabric is on the credenza?

To everyone who asked about the wall decal, I found a bunch of similar ones on Etsy. Just search “wall decals birch trees”.

cabin + cub

Wow! Thanks for all the great comments on our closet office. Just some FYI

– the tree vinyl decals are from ETSY
– I cut the birds myself (the ones it came with were too large for the room)
– the floating shelf and desk are 2 3/4″ thick



I can´t believe it! what a simple idea and a GREAT result.

emily beu

I love the little office nook! A perfect office space for someone (like me) who ends up with papers all over a bigger desk. No room for clutter!

Deb D

Wow! Amazing makeovers. I am all inspired to re-do my craft room now. :)


WOW! What a GREAT use of space for the office. I would of never thought to do that. Great blue color too. That tree graphic is sweet! Love how the wood shelves hints to the tree.

Emma @ The Handmade Amoeba

The computer nook is amazing – I want me a house with a little space like this… the birch trees reminds me of some fabric i’ve seen with a similar print.. I think it’s from Yardage Design in Aus. I so want to do this.. and I have the iMac to go with (albeit a slightly older G5 white one ;))


fabulous makeovers! Really has a great eye for color and attention to detail.

…Only thing that bothers me is the thought of really sitting on that ottoman to work on that computer :?

Overall, its fresh, fun, and in VERY good taste!