before & after: nicole’s patterned wall + beth’s desk

there are few things i love more than a good pattern, whether it’s on paper, fabric, or wallpaper. so whenever someone takes the effort to mimic a pattern with paint i’m both pleased and impressed. this bedroom wall before & after does just that, and comes from nicole merrell of ntm designs. inspired by a picture of a white pool fence she saw in a magazine, nicole created a stencil and painted her bedroom to replicate the breezy blue feel of the photo. it’s a subtle change, but one that adds just enough interest that you don’t need to stress artwork or heavy details above the bed. you can read more about nicole’s process and inspiration right here- thanks, nicole!

[have a before & after you’d like to share? just shoot me an email with your images right here! (low res, under 500k per image, please)]

CLICK HERE for beth’s grey and yellow desk makeover after the jump!

d*s reader beth stephenson picked up this roll top desk at goodwill for only $20. it had a high shine coating on top, so she primed over the slick finish and applied a warm gray paint until she got her desired finish. the hardware was also primed and painted a bright chartreuse color and now the finished piece has a prized spot in beth’s den. well done, beth!


love the pattern. it’s subtle enough to be interesting but not dominate the room. plus you get the perks of a decorative wallpaper without the commitment!


Love them both! The texture is subtle, such a great way to spice up a room a bit. I may need to look at that for some of our spaces… and I need to just man up and buy some paint, because these old desks and chairs and such are just gorgeous.


Love the desk. Amazing what a paint job can do!


i am so in love with painted vintage hardware right now. all the little scrolls and details just pop. those chartreuse drawer pulls look utterly fantastic against the grey!


I am familar with “Hens and Chicks” but an elderly friend many yrs ago had “Frogs”. They were round and the baby plants jumped off. Has anyone heard of this variety?