before & after: faith’s church pew headboard

let me start by saying that today’s first before & afters is probably one of my favorite we’ve ever run. partly because it combines my two favorite furniture types (benches and headboards) and mainly because it’s so darn crafty and clever. d*s reader faith buss stumbled upon a set of 3 church pews at a local garage sale and managed to bring home the full set for only $25! faith knew she wanted to transform them into something different so she and her husband picked up a pair of tall casters (to give the bench height) at a junk shop in louisiana and decided to attach them to the bottom to create a rolling headboard! after cleaning the frame and cutting a space for the bed to sit inside the bench, faith and her husband created a completely unique and completely custom headboard! if i could drag one of these suckers up my four flights of stairs and behind my bag, i would do it in a heartbeat. i can’t get enough of this project- well done, faith and family! two very enthusiastic thumbs up!

[have a before & after you’d like to share? just shoot me an email with your images right here! (low res, under 500k per image, please)]

Princess Perez

Instant headboard with side tables! Brilliant! Love love this idea!!!


I love this cos of all the “banging headboard” jokes that can be made. Also because it’s super smart and functional :P


Love this, such a good idea! I don’t know though, can you be naughty in a bed made from a pew? Just saying…

Mrs. M

That’s awesome!
I’ve always wanted a church pew in the house and never thought of it in this manor. How functional!


That is straight up genius. Love the little kid in the cowboy hat too.


A-Ma-Zing. Good grief I love this. I have been keeping my eye out for a cute church pew for my front room. Where is my $25 deal?!

Erin @ Cultivating Home

For some reason the room makes me think of Mexico; perhaps because of the room colors and minimalism? As for the project itself, I love how the pew was given a fun, entirely different purpose. Great job!

Håkan @

This is really a good idea! There are quite a lot of old church pews at flea markets all around in Sweden, where I live. Thank you for sharing this. Now I just have to convince my wife that we should do this.

style scout

I love that the casters match the wall color. How thrilled were you when you found those!? Perfection!


Jaw-droppingly awesome.

I would never have imagined this in a million years. It looks fantastic.


This looks great… now what did you do with the other two??


AMAZING! How have we NEVER seen this before? Palo – you’re a genius.


Sorry to you Faith and your husband…I was drooling over the woodwork by Palo Samko when I started reading your post. Your husband’s work and vision is on par with Samko so I just assumed! Kudos to the hubs!


i gasped when i saw this.
love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love. love.


Wow!! Since sleeping (among other things) is a religious experience, this is perfect!!


Neat – I’ve seen headboards made into benches but never a bench made into a headboard! Gotta love that good ol’ American ingenuity!


Truly awesome. If we needed another headboard, I’d be trying to use this idea right now.

Bows & Sparrows

That is seriously brilliant. They say cleanliness is next to Godliness…still, I imagine having a church-pew headboard is also a step in that direction.


very clever. i was convinced i wouldn’t like it, but it looks wonderful. i am curious, what did she do with the other two?


Thanks for all the fantastic feedback! Some of you guys are cracking me up!

I can’t do anything with the other 2 pews yet….they’re being used for seating at an outdoor wedding in september. Any crazy ideas for what to do after that?


LOL to Frances!!!

I’m not even religious and I’d feel odd about doing something like this myself… BUT I think it’s an awesome idea. Cool, functional, *and* attractive. Amen!


brilliant idea! i love it.

this has caused me to currently be deep in brainstorming thought on how I can duplicate this for myself!


that headboard is genius magic…..

its very nakashima…its perfect the way it is…but it would be even more unique if they covered the back and tufted it. Im just not a huge fan of hard headboards…i like the look of them, but I could never sleep on one.


genius idea for sure! and the room has a calm feeling to it in spite of the red blanket! Love it!


Your idea with the church pew is a great look I did’nt this it was going to look that good,when I saw church pew head board.


It’s beautifull. I don’t think I could bear to cut mine though…it has sentimental value…How about one dandy big long porch swing?


this just does not look right to me. Very sad to do that to the pew.


bravo! I would have never been brave enough to cut into it. And it worked BEAUTIFULLY!


Terrific idea! It feels like in church forever…


I don’t consider myself fussy, but I’d keep wondering whose butt had sat next to my head.


i absolutely love this idea! wonder if my village church has any pews from when they renovated and are willing to donate them… i’ll just have to find out!!!!!


Cool! Headboard and both side tables out a beautiful pew. The casters are a brilliant idea too. Can’t wait to see what the other two pews will turn into.


How long is the pew? and what size mattress? Thanks. Faith how creative. Please let me know what size pew this is an for what size mattress.


I really, really like it but my pew came from the old country Church my grandparents attended and I don’t want to cut it. I might not always want to use it as a headboard.



I am a pastor and I see people sleeping on the pews every Sunday so I think this is brilliant! Beautiful and creative!