alphabet bags

by Grace Bonney

good morning! i’ve got an extra big smile on my face today* so i thought i’d kick off the day with something happy and colorful. these new alphabet (and text) bags from hayley and lucas at keep calm gallery are perfect for simple shopping totes, but when i saw the detail shot on the dotted versions i was hooked. i originally thought they were just regular dots, but then i saw they were sparkling colored gems! they’re described as “diamantes” so they’re not the real deal, but for only $15 (plus shipping), the sparkle is enough for me ;) click here to check out (and shop) the full collection online. thanks, hayley and lucas!

*i’m extra happy today because today marks ac’s first day as a full-time d*s team member! he’s been running the ad team at d*s for a few years now and as of this morning, he’ll be working side-by-side with me! i couldn’t be happier :)

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