a oui roundup: my french table

i’m sorry, it’s friday and my brain is fried so please forgive the terrible pun in this post’s title. i think the heat is starting to melt my brain and puns seem like a good idea today. to counteract the heat i’ve been watching movies and clips online of amelie, trying to imagine what life would be somewhere beautiful, cool, and with a constant dreamy breeze. so i thought i’d build a tiny roundup of things that would live on my amelie-inspired french table. even if none of these items ever live in my home, i still like to close my eyes and imagine bringing bread to the table in a market bag and then eating brioche off of one of nathalie lete’s painted plates. au revoir!

[image above, clockwise from top left: mastering the art of french cooking $13, mini red staub pot $50, french olive wood spoon $9.99, french brioche mold $6, french bee tumblers $50 for set of 6, good evening dinner plate, small market tote $24 (to carry your bread home), latte bowls $30 for 6]

[image above, left to right: saint james striped shirt (because you have to wear something at your french table!), french gougere mix $14 (yum!), fleur de sel dish $11.50, red linen provence tablecloth $64.90+]


LOVE that French kitchen. Now I know what to register for when I start my wedding registry!


i JUST bought one of those anthropologie bowls yesterday! in chartreuse!


I am such a fan of all things french! Such a cute roundup.

PS: Puns are always a good idea.
PPS: I’ve been stoked on the its/it’s corrections lately :)


i am in france right now, it is tres magnifique!! The food is divine, it is warm and breezy and I see myself staying here for some time :)



ooh! i’m so jealous. say hi to d*s editor anne ditmeyer if you see her- she’s been living in paris for grad school and i don’t know if we’ll ever persuade her to come back to the states. but i don’t blame her for wanting to stay ;)



My husband and I received a set of bowls similar to the latte bowls for our wedding—Love them! We use them every day. Great set of finds.


France just does that to you…I’m eating a pain du chocolat right now actually. Every Friday is French Pastry Friday pour moi

Jenna Sais Quois

I love everything about this roundup, but especially the market tote and the latte bowls…and the boatneck shirt. Looks like I’m going to be doing some online shopping on my French Friday!



I’m French, so this was a lot of fun for me ! A bit cliche too, but who cares ? Amélie is always a favorite, and I’m wearing a marinière (striped shirt) right now, so… no complaint from me !

Two things I just wanted to correct:
– First, don’t say “au revoir”… it’s a bit final. “à bientôt !” would be better: see you soon !
– The gougère mix is odd. The concept of a “mix” is almost unknown here. If you want to eat pastries, you either bake them from scratch, or go to a pastry shop. Plus, gougères are really easy to make (and delicious) ! And you can easily freeze them.


sa bonne!!
i’m in paris right now baking cupcakes, and i can’t not bring paris home with me when i come back in august after a year of being here. this roundup is lovely.
but you forgot the french press. every french household has one.


Goodness gracious, that beautiful “Bonsoir” plate was MADE to hang on my wall. Thanks for posting + have a brilliant weekend!

The Robertsons of Mumbai

I have these bee glasses, plus matching dessert plates and a butter dish, and I have to say that are to die for! I got them in India, but if you can get them in the US I highly recommend them. They are so cute in person!


Very cute. I’m half-French. I agree gougeres are very easy to make.


Gougeres mix? But they’re so easy! Eggs, flour, milk, cheese, salt, pepper.


I know the mix seems sillly to some, but I’m an AWFUL baker so sometimes I use mixes to help me along ;)

agnes szucs

These are gourgeous things!
I love the french country.
Also, today I made a quiche for the first time in my life, and it turned out pretty well. I don’t know what gougeres are, tho. But I’ll look it up.

Oh, maybe once you could make the “living in” article with a french film!

Have a nice weekend!


Very cute glasses! I am also a fan of the tote. The French do groceries the right way (who doesn’t want fresh bread every day?!) Another great, dreamy french film is “Jeux D’enfants”. Bon week-end!


I adore everything in this post, especially that super cute platter :)


I couldn’t live without my Le Creuset dutch ovens. They are perfection. And gougere – I haven’t made you in so long but will do so soon. Maybe I’ll even post them on my blog!


I love this post so much that I wish it had been longer. You’ll have to continue another Friday with a part II. =)