weekly wrap up + the wild unknown

i’m still catching up on emails i missed this week, but i’m ready to roll for this weekend’s design marathon of ICFF and the NSS. i’ll be covering both, so stay tuned for all sort of great new design hot off the presses next week. until then, i wanted to end the week with some beautiful new designs from kim at the wild unknown. kim recently revamped her website and added new products like this beautiful custom wedding prism ($130) and a custom wedding print ($50). each prism contains two silver rings, feathers, and the wedding couple’s names/wedding date hand calligraphed onto a small piece of birch bark. so pretty. click here to check out kim’s new designs and shop online.


OK this is really weird. I just made a prism-inspired board yesterday and then tweeted that I would love to see a prism-inspired wedding ALL before seeing this post. Is there something in the air?????


fabulous concept, thanks for sharing. I’ll def share the prism wedding idea with my fiance


My husband wrote his first love note to me on birch bark while we were hiking. That was 35 years ago…

Ana Elizabeth

Hi Grace! Just wanted to let you know some of the links don’t work. They say: Page Not Found. I usually read DS on the weekends, so I use the weekly wrap up to go to all the posts and lately, some of the Before and After links don’t work. Thanks!