weekly wrap up + summery deck towels

i love love love the feel of linen. i love it as upholstery, in clothing, and as a soft place to rest your head when you sleep at night. if i could wear linen everyday (and afford dry cleaning and a personal linen press-er) i would. so i was instantly smitten with these colorful new linen deck towels from buck ellison at deck towel. deck towel just released a beautiful new line of fine linen beach/deck towels that are machine-washable and dry quickly without holding in sand and dirt like cotton.

i love the way they remind me of huge summery bed linens- all the better for poolside (or rooftop) lounging. i’m partial to the teal and white stripes, but you can check out deck towel’s full collection right here. each towel measures 70×50 inches and is available for $40-$80. i’m heading out to pick up some supplies for the d*s redesign layout (coming this summer!) so i’m going to call it a day. i hope you all have a wonderful weekend! below is a summary of this week’s highlights:


During the 7th layer of hell Atlanta summers, linen is one of the only things that helps me survive. These are gorgeous and give me hope!

Grace Wieber

Wow, the beauty of linen. You can spot it a mile away. There’s nothing like it. Thanks for sharing these exquisite piece goods.


That color palate of that striped towel is amazing! These would be perfect for hot humid days at the beach. I don’t think I can go back to sand-grabbing cotton after seeing this…


What a great idea, here in Spain we only have ‘normal’ towels, and it’s right they get so skanky and sandy after a day at the beach!

Kmart Design

Love these linen towels. Gets me so excited about lounging by the pool or in our deck during the summer days.

What do you think about mixing patterns? Our Chief Home Design Officer says it’s cool to mix patterns in outdoor decor. Can totally picture these stripes against polka dots too. :-)


i love the linen suits specially for the summers a i got a number of them to feel the calm in summer days, nice strips love the white and turquoise combination.


I just went to buy one, but um, shipping, $16? It seems like way too much. Or is it just me?