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weekly wrap up + lotta jansdotter craft video!

Simple Printing w/ Lotta Jansdotter from Rowenta USA on Vimeo.

i’m closing up shop for the weekend, so before i head out i thought it would be fun to end the day a fun crafting video from the talented miss lotta jansdotter. i love spending long weekends testing out craft projects so i thought it would be great to leave for the holiday with some simple printing tips and a project from lotta herself. i hope you’ll check out the video above and give it a spin over the holiday weekend while you’re (hopefully) relaxing and having fun. i’m taking the day off on monday so i’ll be back on tuesday, june 1st with a full day of regular posts and a fun new guest blogger! have a great memorial day! [thanks to rowenta and lotta for sharing this video with us!]

below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

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video / weekly wrap up


Kari in Minnesota

Great inspiration! I’ve been intending to do some silk screen printing, but haven’t in part because of the mess and cleanup–this looks like a perfect solution!
Thanks you guys!


Very cute. I love projects you can do with the kids.

Though I feel strangely compelled to buy an iron! Just kidding. I already have a Rowenta. Just not quite that fancy!

Julia Brabec

I love Jana, but this bit was so beat-me-over -the-head (with an iron) ad for Rowenta. Plus she didn’t go into any detail about the fabric or ink type that she used, or length of letting ink dry. Pretty weak as a DYI instructional, but strong on the product placement. I’m left unsatisified…


I wish she’d mentioned what kind of ink/paint she used for this project! any idea?

i loved her son’s enthusiastic and confident stamping. so cute!



i’m sorry you feel that way. you can find all those details in lotta’s book, or if you do a quick google search for details. i think some of these videos were intended for crafting sites that are a bit more familiar with the materials used in projects like this.



Sorry, do NOT like. She spent more time hawking the irons than she did giving details about the crafting. What kind of ink? How do you carve nice patterns in the potatoes? How does it hold up to washing? Nothing. But lookie at these IRONS! Boo! But love your blog! :)


i agree with comments above. that’s it? what type of ink?


Thanks for sharing the adorable video…Lotta is adorable and so is her son!


she is awesome! i love how her little boy was helping ;) was that also an ad for Rowenta?? haha


I have one of Lotta’s books and I love it. While I agree, the vid did seem to push the product, I’m just happy for any bit of information I can learn. Thanks so much for posting it. I love it and I love your blog!


Love the idea, but why is there only 2:30 min video and another 5 min of black screen? And the video seems like blatant advertising for Rowenta irons, rather than giving useful info for the actual process of printing!
LOVE your blog though! :)


Hi guys

I’m gonna check on those last few minutes of black screen- I didn’t notice that when I watched it so I’m guessing it’s a glitch that’s come up recently

As for the rowenta presence, I agree, but this is a series Rowenta sponsored (not with me, but lotta) so it’s natural that they’re going to use their products in it. But I understand not wanting to see that ;)



Love this idea and I see someone said fabric paint (she uses the word ink though?) Also is there a special type of fabric? Tahnks!


The advertising didn’t bother me all that much (we don’t even have Rowenta in this country). I just wanted more info as others have stated above. How do you cut nice shapes? How do you ensure even colour?


hi guys

based on the printing i’ve seen from lotta’s books and in videos she’s done with etsy- pretty much most fabric will do as long as you use fabric paint.



love this idea of printing the plain apparels at home and its quite interesting too. thanks for sharing the video and thanks to lotto for sharing the idea


Love the video!! Definitely want to give this a go on the next rainy weekend :)


That looks so simple and cool… but if I had a go it would never look as chic in a million years! It would just look like I’d inked a load of potatoes! Some people have the knack of making everything look good!


Nice project but how many irons does one need? I count a further two on the shelf behind…might as well printed a tee saving BUY A ROWENTA


It’s cool to have DIY vimeo, Lotta looks fab! But I think this one was a bit too short… Here’s fabric, here’s my son, here’s an iron and Ta Da – tote bag. I just wish there were details on how to actually make it.


Liked the idea that there was going to be a video. Frustrated that Rowenta gets more free advertising here. Wonder how long or what temp to heat set–or does a Rowenta iron just magically know what to do? After this video – we sure don’t.


I love instructional videos but this one is sorely lacking in basic, yet essential information. I’ve never printed on fabric before and no thanks to this video I still don’t know how – What Type of Paint?! I’m only guessing I should use a dry iron, but again, not mentioned in the video. Rather than assuming the viewer has done this type of project before (which she states at the start of the video) she should assume just the opposite.


This is a Rowenta commercial, plain and simple. (The “video” does not contain any useful information. If you already know how to block print, then this teaches you nothing more. No insider tips or tricks. And if you’ve never done block printing, this certainly doesn’t give you enough instruction. For example how much/what kind of paint, what designs work best, and how long do you wait for it to dry and on what setting do you iron, etc.)

I have no problem with advertising, it should just be identified as such. (This video may also be a violation of Vimeo’s rules.) I would have rather watched a straight up Rowenta commercial followed by a REAL segment by Lotta. Instead, I felt duped into watching JUST a commercial. And a bad one at that.

I happen to own this Rowenta iron and a $30 Sunbeam (purchased at the same time) and think the Sunbeam is a much better value and easier to use. It’s hard to tell how much water is in the tank on the Rowenta and I’ve never had so much stuff melt onto an iron in my life (a nightmare to remove) as I’ve had with this iron. The iron itself doesn’t get hot enough to justify the expense (or the melting issues). Also it doesn’t just glide through wrinkles on linen or canvas. (Note Lotta irons something that’s already been ironed.)

If you’re thinking of purchasing this iron, you should know that it probably won’t change your life (in a good way, anyway) and that this iron is comparable to Black and Decker and Sunbeam models. (I’ve owned all these brands.)



in the world of sponsored videos (this was wasn’t sponsored on d*s, but was a series rowenta sponsored with lotta to send to other sites) this is pretty typical. if a brand shells out for a video and editing, they normally expect product placement (it’s why i’ve had a hard time getting a series off the ground here at d*s- most brands want you to use their product in the video a lot). do i like that? not really. but do i want to see lotta make something? yes. so sometimes i’m ok to wade through a few iron plugs to get to see lotta and her son do something cute ;)



love lotta! any ideas on how to make an ironing board like the one she has? just wondering what layers of materials it’s made of.


Whateverthecaseis…It’s wonderful to have such a lovely video of Lotte. Sure, would have been nice to have more practical info for those who need it, but honestly, isn’t it a) great to see a nicely done video of Lotte and her studio and son & b) know that it’s not just Tiger Woods who benefits from corporate largess. Eh?

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