weekly wrap up + kauniste kitchen towels

amy and i are making our final rounds at bklyn designs so i’m going to wrap up and call it a day. i’ll be sharing my bklyn design favorites on monday, so until then, have a great weekend! and one last thing- these kitchen towels from milla koukkunen from kauniste are too cute! click here to check them out online.

below is a summary of this week’s highlights:

Jen | Modern Paper Goods

I never invest in tea towels and usually just pick something up at IKEA but I’ve seen so many creative designs lately that I might just buy a nicer one for once!


Lovely. I am a total sucker for a nice tea towel… These are on the wish list. Ele from BORO X


It is nice to frame an especially nice tea towel too I think – these are lovely


I recently found some amazing tea towels as well, and posted on my site. I’m forgetting the company name right now but they’re based out of San Francisco and totally sustainable. You have a very lovely site!


really cute towels. And since I quit diet coke this week, I have to go check out the behind the bar!


Cool retro designs on the tea towels. I actually collect tea towels from thrift stores as the designs from the 70s and 80s are so quirky, these new designs are not too dissimilar from some of the towels in my collection.