things i love: elm log alarm clock + pairings

it may be hot outside, but i’m still drawn to things that feel like they should belong to a hunky lumberjack- like this beautiful wooden alarm clock from natalie duckett. a graduating student from the university of dundee, natalie recently designed an alarm clock from an elm log with gorgeous contrasting brass components. the alarm sound is not a modern electronic buzz, but rather a mechanical imitation of a wood pecker drumming against a tree. the user can place the clock next to any surface they like so the ‘woodpecker’s beak’ will drum against it. the sound is a teensy bit loud for my taste, but i’m hoping that perhaps natalie will come up with a slightly slower or more delicate version- or perhaps you could just place it up against something softer so the sound is gently muffled.

[images above: the “woodpecker beak” (top) and the dial to set your alarm times]

but what i love most about this clock is not that it wakes you up in the morning, but that it has a second alarm that goes off at night. why? to remind you about creating a healthy sleep cycle: when to rise and when to call it quits. i feel like i’m constantly on the hunt for my ideal sleeping situation (my dream? 30 minutes of hulu and a glass of cucumber water followed by a solid 9 hours) so something like this, while not traditional in the realm of alarm clocks, is a really fantastic idea. click here for more information on natalie’s design and to see a prototype in action. i’m hoping we’ll see this in stores soon (i could totally see droog picking this up to manufacture). i’d really love to pick up a small version of this to keep by my window- it’s the closest thing to nature i’m going to get on my block.

because i enjoy accessorizing things in my head, i thought i’d pick out a few window-shopping finds to go with this alarm clock’s summer cabin feel. top of my list would be: glacier national park blanket $160+, gold log ring $1650, strawberry sachet set $18, gingham print soap (fig & pear scent) $6, cabins: the new style (book) $14, bentwood oak chair $228.


l-o-v-e this style! i am having my wedding at an adirondack camp, filled with log cabins, so clearly i am meant to purchase cabins-the new style. xx, jane


hope you like the book! i checked it out at barnes and noble the other day and thought it was super cute :)



I can’t believe how Hudson Bay blankets (and their imitators) are taking off in popularity! Being Canadian, they’ve always been kicking around the house.

Vicky - Acoustic Wave

On the sleep cycle alarm clock theme, I heard about an Iphone Ap alarm clock that you put under your pillow, it apparently senses and follows your natural sleep cycle throughout the night and then wakes you at the perfect time – when you’re in your least deep sleep…seemingly it works a treat. Not as cool as a rustic old log clock and living in a mountain cabin obviously!!

kelly hanrahan

This is my favorite style…relaxed and natural. Just a quick note…up here in Canada the blanket is known as a Hudson Bay Blanket. They are coveted by all true Canadians! Love it!!


Outrage from Canada! The blanket is a total knock off of the coveted and much loved national treasure, The Hudson’s Bay Company blanket. Peddelton’s, puh-cha! Grab the real one from The Bay…much storied and the real deal.


Love the blanket and thanks for the book rec…always looking for cool new coffee table goods.


I adore the log alarm clock! So charming in a very earthy way.

Copper xxx

Mallory - Miss Malaprop

That’s pretty cool that it has the second alarm to remind you to get a good night’s rest! I actually found a Firefox plugin recently to remind me to get off the computer and stretch now and again! It’s crazy how because of technology, we forget to take care of ourselves, and at the same time, technology helps us to take better care of ourselves!



please see amy’s comment on the history of the style above.