sneak peek: nineteen seventy three


emma and james emmerson of greeting card and stationery publisher 1973 moved into this victorian house in brighton, england in january 2009.  they purchased it from a 74 year old woman who had lived there with her mother for thirty years, so, needless to say, the house needed a lot of love. after 18 months of constant work and stripping everything down before repairing and restoring the place, they finally feel like they are there.  in addition to calling this their home, they also have their two offices on the top floor, and three staff members run the office from the renovated basement. click here for more images of their home, and here to check out their work (which includes lots of fantastic collaborations with some of our favorite designers)! {thanks james and emma!} -anne

[above:  We like to decorate our walls with contemporary illustration mixing up the oldness of the building and it’s character with new contemporary lighting and furniture.  This is the entrance to our house with original stained glass in the front door. The wooden box was bought from a salvage yard and is over 300 years old and we like to have a vase on top with some branches and flowers from our garden. The picture is one of 1973 limited edition screen prints from the Norwegian design duo Darling Clementine.]

This is our front lounge that we spend our evenings. In winter we have the open fire going so this room gets really warm and toasty. Emma made the curtains from a Laura Ashley toile fabric and James made the shelves which has the TV, Cable box and DVD hidden away and the top shelves are used for displaying some nice books. We also keep our current magazines in our Robin Day coffee table from Habitat.

The kitchen is where we spend our days. It’s a large room and the main feature is a bashed up farmhouse table accompanied by our Eames DSR chairs. The photo of the pomegranate tree was taken by James in Ibiza.

When we designed our kitchen we wanted a very mono tone feel with bright splashes of graphic color. The hand painted Turkish tiles are used as a splash back above all the work surface.

CLICK HERE for the rest of Emma and James’ sneak peek after the jump!

The garden is like a ever changing picture. Beautiful on winter days and vibrant and lush in summer. The radiator is from a reclamation yard and has been reconditioned and re-coated.

The back lounge has a 8 foot by 8 foot shelving unit that we keep all our design books on. The photograph was a present from a photographer friend…Ewen Spencer and the photo is of Jack White from the White Stripes whilst on tour in Brazil. After a snowboarding trip to Norway we were inspired to buy some reindeer furs which cosy the room up especially in winter. The ceiling is original and is made of paper mache and had to be restored when we took the house on in 2009.

The photo in this picture is again from our friend Ewen Spencer and is of a Swedish Folk singer. The sofa is by B&B Italia and the ceiling light is a Kartel Fly.

This is the 3rd floor landing and the totem pole limited edition screen print is by Our Children’s Gorilla from Sweden.

The bust /mannequin is from a Brighton antique dealer. The bedside tables are actually outdoor lights which we put wooden bases on so they are our lights and sidetable.

We had to restore the fireplace as the hood was missing. The Brooklyn street photograph was a wedding present from a friend.

The drawers are from an old haberdashery and they are not labeled so remembering where things are is a challenge. The picture is a Rob Ryan paper cut. Emma again made the curtains.

Bo’s bedroom has signed prints from some of the illustrators we work with…Catalina Estrada and Mandy Sutcliffe of Belle and Boo.

The picture is a wood cut print from a Polish illustrator.

Emma’s office with our old plan chest which houses our screen prints. The owl print is one of our own and is a seven colour limited edition print.


The whole house is beautiful, but I’m sooo in love with the dreamy bedroom!


I’m very jealous of all those drawers! You did a great job restoring the place (I REALLY want to see some before pictures) and decorating.

Emma’s office could use an inspiration board to organize all those print outs.

My favorite bit is the logs stored under the TV though!


absolutely gorgeous, love the tiles in the kitchen and all the perfect details!


I am trying to tell myself I am not envious of this space but its not working. I think this home is so wonderful! Loving every little bit. That coffee table is perfection!


Can you recommend some good salvage places in the SE? I live in London and have had so much trouble finding good salvage/reclaimed/second hand furniture places. We don’t have a car so that limits a lot of car boot sale options. I am heading down to Brighton next month so any suggestions would be appreciated as I really love all your reclaimed storage options!


Where did the moose head come from over the fireplace? I’ve been looking for something like that for ages as a present for my dad since real moose heads are way beyond the wallet! Thanks!

Gramercy Home

Such lovely space. I love the 8×8 shelves and the combination of practical living amongst your favorite finds!

Becks Chic Life

Love the mix of old and new. Beautiful photography and art! And I love the nightstand/lights, what a clever idea!


I think it’s so cool how the stained glass window looks like a stylized-horse’s head in the mirror reflection. I just love it.


Don’t know what I like most – but maybe it is the tile backsplash in the kitchen!

Mackenzie {Design Darling}

there are so many things i love about this space! the turkish tiled backsplash, the old haberdashery drawers, the printed teepee… a very lovely home indeed.


Your place is like a breath of fresh air! Clean and inviting with pops of color. The tiles in the kitchen are fantastic.

I would like to know the source for your kitchen range.


Oh how lovely. It’s my dream to score and restore a gem like this in Brighton one day, thanks for the inspiration!

Benjamin Marcus

Who is the manufacturer of the beautiful 6-burner range?


hehehehe its funny how one Brit can spot another Brits house from one photograph! I love the ‘Sneak Peek’ feature and I especially love seeing British propertys. More from this side of the pond please =)


Beautiful home! I would so love to have the bow pillow on the bed!


I LOVE your home! Totally gorgeous! I love how you’ve kept the character but it looks so fresh! Love the wooden filing cabinet and the mirror and window out to the garden!


Perfectly livable (I mean that in the nicest way!). Do let me know where you got your living room rug from.


Just beautiful. Love, love, love the white. What paint color did you use?


I wander what was the name of this Polish illustrator – I really like this picture.


This house resonates with me in such a resplendent way – I love all of the photography displays and beautiful pieces of furniture…


it’s now 2011 Sept and I love the big fat ceiling light in the photo with “the bust /mannequin” and in the photo with “replacing fireplace as the hood was missing”. I can barely care about the rest after seeing this. I am from the southern states of the USA and that speaks to me. Thanks so much for these pictures.