sneak peek: michael and sara hunter

michael and sara hunter live in a two-bedroom apartment in the ukrainian village neighborhood of chicago – they live just below good friends emily and jacob anderson (see their peek here!) sara is a development editor at a publishing company and is in grad school studying literature and michael is a painter/sculpture and also works at an indie record label. somehow the two manage to find time to run Hutch Vintage, a well-curated etsy shop, which has become the couple’s joint project – isn’t that cute! (see more on flickr!) {thanks michael & sara! and many thanks to emily anderson for the lovely photos!}amy a.

[We aim to keep our space simple and like to think of our style as a sort of comfortable minimalism.  We like the combination of new, vintage and found objects, clean lines, a few bright colors, and good patterns.  The art in our space is a collection of both found works and work by many of our friends here in Chicago and elsewhere.]

[photo above: I’ve been eyeing our friends’ big wooden bowl, which was handed down to them by a family member.  We found our own after much searching and while its not as sentimental, we are planning to start a tradition of our own someday.

[photo above: The credenza is one of our favorite new additions; we found it at Post 27, a vintage furniture store in Chicago.  We had a fun time putting together this collection, which ranges from a thrifted landscape, a woven basket from an open air market in Amsterdam,  and paintings by friends Jacob Goudreault and Jessica Reule]

CLICK HERE to see more of Michael & Sara’s peek!

[photo above: Our apartment has an amazing vintage kitchen.  We love the open shelving, red counter tops, and white metal cabinets.]

[photo above: The DWR couch was our first serious purchase three years ago, which we found on sale.  We found the coffee table on Craigslist and shamelessly copied our friend Emily Anderson’s lamp from CB2.  The green painting is by LA based artist Esteban Schimpf and the small sculpture is by Samia Mirza.]

[photo above: The first thing that caught our eye in this apartment was the built-in bookshelves.  The chair is from Scout, another fantastic spot to find rehabbed vintage wares in Chicago.  The art pictured is by Stephen Eichhorn, Dan Gunn and a piece by folk artist Howard Finster.]

[photo above: Our sunroom is a great cozy spot in our apartment and looks out on all the trees in our neighborhood.  Pictured is a collection of few vintage baskets and bowls including a small filing cabinet from Michael’s grandmother’s grocery store from the 1960s.]

[photo above: We scored this amazing desk at Room Service here in Chicago. The small print on the windowsill is by Chicago based print maker Essimar.]

[photo above: The Pendleton blanket was a Christmas gift from Sara’s parents this year; we love its bold pattern and bright colors.   The artwork above the bed is by Chicago based photographer Jason Lazarus.]

[photo above: We like keeping the bedroom peaceful and simple. The grey walls are very calming.  The yellow piece is by artist Nicholas Gottlund and the larger print is one of Michael’s.]


lovely. where did you get that pretty blue purse in the last photo?


Lovely! Where is the bag from (last picture)?!


beautiful! i’d love to know where they sourced the chocolate and white diamond-pattern rug that appears in a couple of the photos. any chance you could let us know??


If I’m not mistaken, the bag looks like a Duluth Pack. Possibly the one made for Inventory.


Love its accessibility. A good reminder that I need to make more friends that are artists.


Very nice! This inspired me to edit some pieces out of my space today. Thank you!


Michael and Sarah – your apartment is gorgeous! Makes me miss the space and character of Chicago apartments.


lovely lovely home! i’m looking for the perfect gray color…do you know the name of the one in the bedroom by any chance???


@shoppingsmycardio: that’s a discontinued Urban Outfitters rug, I think.


I love the yellow rain jacket with the red plaid lining. Any ideas where a women’s version can be found?


i really appreciate the uncluttered simplicity. beautiful.
i’d love to know where you bought the wood bookshelves.

Aunt Margaret



Mimi got a nod. ;) Love it guys… beautiful. Now, let’s see the new place.

sugarpush vintage

love the simple vintage minimalist look. I wish my place could look like this! It seems like it’s a very comfortable serene place to live.


this is my favorite sneak peak ever. it is so simple and real and beautiful. it completely confirms the decision i made last week to paint my whole apartment white. yay.


This place is so inspiring ! i love every little detail. beautiful ! very personal, intimate and bright.


Love this one. Is that a Hermes peeking out in the first shot?


wow, what a tidy house. Great kitchen, but i would have put even more moorish style pots in the window! But that’s probably why my place doesn’t look so tidy :-) Also really like your couch, the bertoia chairs and the black and white vase.


simple and beautiful! so where are the moccasins from in the last picture (under the blue bag)?


i absolutely LOVE this post, not only because it’s a calm, lovely space but because i knew from the first photo that i used to live in this building, on the third floor! what an amazing surprise…


Is there any hope in asking if the flickr page might be made public (right now it’s set to private)? I would love to see if there’s any additional photos of their kitchen.


simple elegance! where can i find the striped black/cream/red/blue/yellow blanket thats folded on the couch???