sneak peek: kirsten voortman


throughout my life i’ve had these phases where i get obsessed with hot pink.  it’s such an unexpected color to see used so vibrantly in a home, but that’s why i love the way that dutch designer kirsten voortman uses it around her fun amsterdam home.  even better is that she shows what a good coat of paint can do to a discarded piece of furniture on the street (found with special assistance from her dog, mees).  click here for additional, full-sized images, and check in with caravan if you’re ever interested in the possibility of house swapping with this fabulous place! {thanks, kirsten!} -anne

[above: I live in a small Amsterdam apartment on the ground floor, in the Jordaan district, one of the oldest parts of the city.  In the smallest hallway ever, I wallpapered the closetdoors with severall vintage wallpapers that I collected over the years.]

This is my favorite place in the house, I can spent hours in this chair. Overlooking the garden, with a cup of tea and my laptop. Perfect.  The dog paintings on the wall are from friends, Karla Doherty and Joep Buys.  The ‘ceramic’ drawing is from my friend Louise van der Veld, I am working with her on a line of interior products, the pillows with the wolf are one of the first products that we designed.

My dog also loves this chair, as soon as I leave it, he jumps directly from the couch onto it!

My apartment is long and narrow, to get to a room you need to go through the other, there is no central hallway. This is kind of typical for a lot of houses from the 1910s. The chairs I upholstered myself, I found them on the street. Also the tables are from the street, I painted them in one of my favorite colours, GreenBlue from Farrow and Ball. Also the mirrored cabinet [image below] is painted in that colour.

CLICK HERE for the rest of kirsten’s sneak peek after the jump!

A lot of my furniture I found on the street. As I take my dog Mees (a parson russel terrier) for a walk around the block every night and people just put their old stuff on the street for the garbage men to pick it up the next day, it is hard not to take it home…someone else’s trash becomes my treasure.  I kind of stopped now, since my house is getting a bit full, and how many chairs does one really need?! Only for really nice furniture I make an exception, I can always give it away to friends or family!

Love to wake up in my bedroom with the sounds of birds from the garden. Especially now, in Spring,  they are very loud and cheerful!  Wallpaper is from Eijfinger, Ikea bedding and vintage bed spread bought on our famous Dutch Queensday, the whole city turns into one big open air fleamarket on April 30st.

Pillows made by me, with fabrics from Ikea, my moms old fabrics from the seventies, fleamarkets, Eijfinger. The wolf pillows will be soon sold on our website: studio happilyeverafter.

Also typical for Amsterdam houses from this period are the tiny bathrooms, only a shower and a toilet can fit in it, that is it.  The tiles are original, very yellow. I didn’t particulary like them but to take them out seemed to much work.  So I decided to make it even more yellow by putting up this wallpaper from Studio Pip.  I think it turned out very well and it makes me happy.

To prevent all the tourists and neighbours to have a sneek peek into my apartment,  I put up my own design of windowfoil.
I try to change it every six months as it is also sort of a window display for my work.

The house at the back of my garden is where I work. It used to be an old shed, which was turned into my studio. So convenient to work so close to home, before I worked in my front room wich was o.k. but I was always surrounded by work. Now I can just close the door and ‘walk’ home!


oh my god! i need to divorce my husband so i can make my house look EXACTLY like this!


I love this cute little lady-like house with Hot Pink splashed everywhere. But most of all, I love the perfect little circle marking on the back of that adorable dog’s back. He (or she) is precious!


I love this! Everything is so so pretty! I would love to transform my house into this if only my hubby would let me. : )


You can tell it is Dutch just because of the hot pink, especially when paired with red. Very nice!


hot pink accents are my favorite thing–and a secret ingredient in my otherwise beige (husband-approved) existence! Although Kirsten’s hot pink everywhere is my dream, I’ve found that even a few little accents can give you some of the same effect/and pink pleasure. (I even have hot pink taper candles)


This makes me want to get rid of all my “dirty pink” and go fushia! So bright and springy! I LOVE it.


ADORE your place. Pink is my favorite color and you just gave me some great ideas:)


i’ve been obsessed with using pink at home ever since seeing pics of Betsy Johnson’s apartment in NYC. oh and that dog is ADORABLE!


Her dog reminds me so much of mine, a smooth coat fox terrier. I adore her dog though!


This really makes me want to paint something hot pink. It looks so awesome against the white background.


in love with this home. all the colours and patterns are so beautiful and warm. And, the window foil is gorgeous.


Ha! Maranda up top, that’s exactly what I thought! My husband would never go for all of this in one home, but goodness — I’m very glad (and insanely jealous) to see that someone else gets to live it.

Love that black floral wallpaper in the bedroom & the yellow in the bathroom.


I am so in love with this house! I especially love the bedroom! Gorgeous – those pillows are amazing. Also, does anyone know where to get “windowfoil” ? Or nevermind, I’ll google it…

Jackie Lamas

This is a girl’s dream come true! such a lovely home and adorable furniture and color pallet! love it!


So pretty! What kind of dog is that, what a cutie!


I love one of the floral fabrics in this apartment. Its the dark background with big pink flowers. Its on the pink chair in the living room and also looks like the same on the window seat cushion. I think it may also be the same as the wallpaper in the bedroom from Eijfinger. Is it? I have been looking for very similar fabric and would love to know how to get my hands on it.


I absolutely love that chandelier in the bedroom picture. Was that a street find? I want one like that, it’s so pretty!

left bank studio

I have been looking for exactly that hot pink paint for some scrappy old chairs found on the garbage, but haven’t been able to find it. Most colors I find look too natural, too “berry” … any suggestions?


favorite post of the day. and, ohhh, that pink chair overlooking the garden is simply marvelous!


I just love it. So girly without becoming cliche, like a doll’s house, which street do you find all these furniture? pls tell me!!!

margaret fagan

ur frosted glass window is the coolest. love it all and love ur outdoor space.


Delicious! The use of the window foil is so fresh and the pink accents make it a wonderfully bold statement. (Gotta love pink–it’s the color of confidence!)


What a great apartment! But what an even more adorable doggy!!! Is that a schnauzer?


the dog is sooooo cute! and the house is nice too ;)

i’m so tempted to paint my floors white. It seems to be a very popular thing to do in Europe.

robin charlotte humphrey

I LOVE how she uses mainly furniture she finds! At first glance when I looked at these pics I was like very cute color scheme, but just another cute place…then when I read that she finds it all.. I LOVE IT!! Not the typical of the style. I love how she finds it and just doesn’t take it in her home but changes it to fit her home. I am a scavenger by nature … it makes me look at my finds a little differently now :) I am seeing possibilities!


Love the windowfoil. Any chance you’ll post a DIY on it?


Me: Can’t you ever see yourself living here?

Husband: No.

Dang. Ladies, we need to make ourselves some kind of summer-getaway commune where we can decorate with as much pink and white as we like. That or send our husbands away for the weekend and paint everything pink while they’re gone, mwahaha.

Evelien (The Netherlands)

Wauw, it is so colourful. I love love love it! One day I would like to live in the Jordaan…

Riverside Simplicity

Wow! What a great place, this could be my dream home but like some of the other comments, I don’t think that my husband would love it as much. That wallpaper is so pretty!

Lady Lauren

WOW, Kirsten’s house has given me MASSIVE amounts of inspiration, I am about to move into my new house so it has made me even more excited to get DIY-ing and designing!



this apartment is so cute! it’s the sort of place I’d love to have if I lived on my own with my bunnies… my boyfriend would hate it! I love in particular the bathroom – it could be a horrible dark space, but it’s so light and pretty!

Catherine Lajoie

Gorgeous and girly! I love it. The shades of pink are bright and the whole lot makes me happy.
Splendid space and garden. Dank u wel for sharing!


I know that the dog isn’t really design but how cute is that dog!!! I love his little spot. Kristen did a great job taking the house at what it is and making it work – especially in the bathroom! Kristen can you tell us how to made the window decal? That would be a GREAT DIY!


the dog is definitely the perfect touch.
but seriously, I love the house, and I really love how you just went with the yellow tile and had fun with it! Lovely.


i’m just jealous !! how come can’t I have such great taste ?!! booo
No, I’m just happy for you ;) :)

Kari Lønning

This is one of the best massively-used-color designed interiors I’ve seen. The colors flow from one to another, and from room to room beautifully!


Wooow, love it! Knew that it must be a Dutch home when I saw the pics at first. Always been my dream to decorate my apartment like this, but my boyfriend isn’t up for it unfortunately. We agreed on one thing though: I can do with the bathroom and toilet what I want, so they are completely pink now ;)

I’d also love to know how you made the window decal.

Lydia Dann

This apartment made me so happy on such a gloomy NYC day! I wanted to know if anyone had any info on designing your own window foil because i have a issue with a neighbor across the way who likes to do very not okay things while naked!!!! and I put up plain film but would love something prettier just like Kirsten’s that I could design myself since I am a textile/print designer after all! Do you just cut out shapes from the regular film or is there a company that can custom make a roll for you? All in all, amazing apartment!

Caroline @ CarrieCan

What a stylish home! Pink is starting to grow on me as an interior colour. I love how it’s used here as fluo highlights but I also like it as a more subtle pastel (I recenty did a post about pink pastel kitchens and they were to die for)


i love the white stools/small table in the kitchen. now i have my fingers crossed i’ll find something similar walking through my own ‘hood !


the interior of this house is really inspiring to look at. The owner did a wonderful job. It’s gorgeous!

sue lichter

I love your choice of colour,
what a wonderful home to grow up in:)


Leuk een huisje uit mijn eigen stad ;)

Wat een geweldig tuintje heb jij , net een binnenplaatsje!
O ja en mooi roze is niet lelijk ;)


Wow! This is spectacular! it’s making me very happy. I can only imagine living there…


I really love your place!!!
aaaah, may I stay there??
you make me wanna have my own house ASAP :D

Vintage Simple

This is such an inspiring home..! So full of life and personality. I love the pops of fun color against all that white. Beautiful.



Don’t know how I missed this last spring. Absolutely LOVE her place! The colors and patterns mixed with stark white looks fantastic!!


I LOVE your touches of pink throughout. Wish I could find cool chairs around here, they are like gold here in GA.


I love your place! I love design but have never been that bold. Maybe your love for design and pink run in the family – my mother’s maiden name is Voortman. Best Wishes for a successful career.

kimmi siren

Fantastic, thoroughly personal, original place and space to call home! I love it..I could actually live here even though it’s not a chic grey and white tho’ gloomy Parisian apt. that I’m usually drawn to. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!!!!

kimmi siren

PS ..the irony here: Dogs only see in black and sad for your wee pooch, he doesn’t know what he’s missing.


I love it. I love it. I love it. This is why I need white in my house <3 <3 <3


Hi Kirsten! Yes can you pleaseeeee tell me how to do the window foil… it would be greatly appreciated for someone who lives across the world! :)


would have loved a tutorial on that window effect – i love it :)