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sneak peek: angela hardison

by anne

angela hardison is a graphic designer and co-owner of seesaw designs – a design and letterpress studio in sunny scottsdale, arizona. she lives in mesa (a suburb of phoenix) with her husband, clint.  little did i know, but apparently arizona is filled with amazing thrift and antique stores, and some of angela’s finds are sold online in her seesaw vintage shop.  we hope you enjoy the beautiful sneak peek into angela’s home! you can find additional images right here. {thanks, angela!}anne

[Our house has a mid-century eclectic feel and is influenced by my love for finding (and bringing home, sometimes to my husband’s dismay) old treasures. As a designer I’m constantly inspired by color, pattern, and texture, so there’s a lot of it throughout each room.  We live in a two-story tract home and the bones of the house are lacking any charm, but I’ve tried to bring character in through all of the thrifted/ antique pieces, estate sale gems and Craigslist finds.]

The yellow lamp was an anniversary present from my husband, and the lamp on the right is one of the many items in the house that has been made over with spray paint. The painting above our bed has moved from room to room, but I prefer it here for now because of the juxtaposition with the mid-century furniture. I bought our entire bedroom set (headboard, nightstands, and 9-drawer dresser) for only $100 on craigslist.

My husband really wanted this old leather chair and I’ve fallen in love with it since. It’s super comfy and the perfect place to curl up with a good book. The ’50s folk art was found while antiquing in Tucson and had to come home with us because it’s just so odd.

The 1905 mahogany upright piano is a recent addition. It took a lot of searching to find one I loved as much as I love playing the piano. On the piano: the beginning to my collection of vintage floral oil paintings and the beloved Penguin classic books designed by Coralie Bickford-Smith.

I was clearly inspired by Lisa Congdon’s plate wall and decided to make my own version in our dining room. I started collecting antique plates but got impatient and bought several new plates as well. It makes me happy every time I walk past it.

CLICK HERE for the rest of angela’s sneak peek after the jump!

Most of our time together is spent in the front room and we enjoy having a lot of seating for visitors. The layout of this room is a challenge because it’s long and narrow, and the front door is smack dab in the middle of the wall.

We were driving around Phoenix one morning and saw the blue mid-century sofa sitting in a driveway at an estate sale. The woman we bought it from was very sentimental and sweet; she started crying, shared memories of the sofa, and hugged me for loving it and wanting to take it home. The danish modern teak coffee table was a thrift score. Neither one of us love the brown leather couch, but it’s really comfy and it’s staying for now.

The Heywood Wakefield chair on the left was in horrible shape when I first picked it up at an antique store, and was my very first furniture makeover project. I bought the 1940’s green chair for next to nothing; it came from a pristine household in perfect shape and is my favorite piece of furniture in the house.

Right now I’m especially inspired by old typography, paper ephemera and vintage patterns, which hang above my desk alongside a favorite photo of my grandmother. I also collect old hardcover books with well-designed covers, and a few of my favorites sit on top of my desk. My husband, who is a commercial real estate appraiser, recently graduated with an English major and loves writing… I can’t wait to design his books someday.

On the shelf in the office: a letterpress tray from my printing studio, a super8 film camera, and a typewriter that was a gift from my husband way back in high school.

Each cupboard in our kitchen has a different knob — favorites we picked out from, of course, Anthropologie. I have a major weakness for patterned vintage glassware and our cupboards are filled with the proof.

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  • my boyfriend thought i was a little nuts when i got a different knob from anthropologie for each cupboard. now i feel vindicated. . .

  • I LOVE this home. This is kind of what I’m hoping my home will look like one day. The green armchair, the bedroom furniture and the folk art picture are my favourites.

  • Who’s the artist who created the painting above your bed? Love, love, love it!!

  • I saw photos of your home in the AZ Republic, and I wanted to congratulate you on the aesthetic you were able to achieve in a Phoenix tract home — I’m also a resident of the Phoenix area, and very often when I see the sneak peaks here and elsewhere, I feel a little frustrated because we don’t have the supply of charming, affordable, older homes that exist elsewhere in the country. You’ve convinced me that it is possible to make a sweet, eclectic home even with the architectural — ehh — challenges that we face here. Thanks!

  • I love your Heywood Wakefield chair … my grandfather worked there for years and my family has a lot of their furniture, I have the bedroom set and I love that the furniture that my grandfather helped to make is still so popular today.

  • This home is so cozy and beautiful. I am in the midst of buying 10 different samples of grey and green and feeling like none are quite right. I would be most grateful if you would share your paint colors! Especially:

    1. The green paint color by the paino
    2. the grey in the bedroom
    3. the light blue/grey by the comfy green chair.

    Also, where are the orange/grey rug and the yellow rug from?

  • I LOVE SeeSaw vintage. The girls have such a great eye for vintage pieces and great protography of their finds.

    I’d love to know where Angela’s grey striped bed spread is from!

  • I LOVE SeeSaw vintage. Those girls have such a great eye for vintage pieces and great photography of their finds.

    I’d love to know where Angela’s grey striped bed spread is from!

  • thank you everyone!

    carol — the painting above our bed was a thrift store find and the artist is unknown (i think – i’ll double check tonight).

    DM — thank you… it’s really tough! and i can definitely relate with seeing all the beautiful sneak peeks on here with old, charming homes. someday we hope to buy a historic home in mesa/phoenix, but the supply is limited.

    sarah, answers to your questions…
    – green paint color: benjamin moore, jalapeno pepper
    – grey in bedroom: behr, ashes
    – light grey w/ blueish tones (favorite paint color): benjamin moore, stonington grey
    – orange/grey rug is from anthropologie
    -yellow rug from pottery barn

  • Beautiful home! Lovely and inviting.
    Could you share where you got your bedding from or who makes it? Thank you kindly.

  • loved this! it’s so neat to see angela’s design aesthetic extends into every detail of her home — i love that it’s a collection of a lifetime of found & sentimental goods!

  • Beautiful home! Where is your sawhorse-looking desk from? Or is it something you put together yourself? I love the way it looks, but have hesitated to buy the $$$ one from West Elm. Thanks again for sharing and giving us great inspiration!

  • I love all the grey, yellow and greens! Those are exactly the colors I plan on using when we find a house. I would also love to know where your bedding is from. And any other tips on where to look for cool (but hopefully still affordable) duvets. Thanks!

  • this looks so wonderful and natural with style that is not forced or too trendy. i would love to live here!

  • Angela- care to provide a few hints on where to find a good thrift store in Phoenix? Just moved here, and am having thrift store withdrawal. Love your space- very peaceful.

  • the desk is from IKEA.

    as far as good thrift stores, my favorite is goodwill. there are a TON here, and i seem to have the most luck at them. i also love the thrift stores in east mesa because there are lots of old folks / snowbirds in the area that leave behind awesome treasures.

    p.s. hello fellow phoenix residents!

  • I love so much about this home – such cohesiveness. I was so excited to see the yellow lamp, I found the same one(s) at a consignment shop and they’re in my bedroom, they are even more beautiful when you can see the lovely details close up!

  • I adore the yellow edging and lamp in the bedroom. It’s so simple and pretty, but manages to tie everything together.

  • Great colors, and wow, some really choice vintage finds! I am jealous.

    I live in a very cookie-cutter tract home myself, and so I appreciate DS featuring a similar type of home. Living in crazy expensive SoCal, sometimes cute & charming AND good neighborhood is just not in the budget.

  • If you’d like to find one of a kind mid century modern “found” furnishings, go to RED Modern Furniture on East Camelback. Very special, museum quality, pricey, but tons of eye candy for the very critical eye.

  • cute place- I really like the bedroom and that big leather chair. The room colour is perfect. Aside from the kitchen, you had me convinced this was a charming little 50s rancher (I’m guessing ‘tract home’ means suburban new build?)

  • Oh i’m so excited because we have a brown leather couch and I just ordered that same rug from anthropologie last week to go with it! It hasn’t gotten here yet but I wanted to paint the walls a pale grey with SLIGHT blue-ish undertone, then accent w/ orange/rust accessories. Your paint color would be PERFECT –is it Stonington Grey? I know you mentioned that color but want to confirm it’s in your living room too…. thank so much!

  • go Arizona–despite our politics, some of the best thrifting around (I’m a Tucson gal but so great to see an inspiring Phoenix-area home). Great job on your home and thanks for sharing your paint colors!

  • I’d love to know where the tea pot and cups on the dining table came from. Are they vintage?

  • it’s so funny. i recently painted a wall in my living room green very similar to that green wall, i mixed the color myself. and beside thee green wall i have a piano very very similar to the one in the peacture. it belonged to my grandmother. i love how the brown and the green go together.

  • I love everything except the chair in front of the piano and I think that’s because I have the perfect tilted bench for it! LOL!
    I wished I lived in your neighborhood, I’d walk over and give it to you! HA! HA!
    (I just ADORE the bedroom set!!!)

  • As I read this, I am eating toast off that same green, white and yellow Urban plate with the tall bird on your wall. Heehee. Love it!

  • Thoroughly enjoying the bedroom pictures. Yellow/gray has been a favorite combination of mine for a while. Also, the mismatched lamps on matching tables in an overall symmetrical composition is refreshing and unexpected.

  • Another Phoenician here and I love your home! I’ve been stalking that duvet on Dwell for months now just hoping it would go on sale. I may have to just cave and pay full price.
    And I definitely think I need to hit Goodwill more!

  • devon – the teapot and cups on the table are vintage. keep an eye on our shop — maybe i’ll decide to sell them sometime :)

    cortney – the plates were secured with your typical plate-hangers that you can find at any old craft store like michael’s, hobby lobby, etc. i used the white ones (instead of gold) so they blend in with the wall better. i was worried about how secure they’d be, but i have had absolutely no problem with them at all.

  • Love the leather chair. How many people here are ok with buying these types of chairs online versus going to a store? I’ve been more apt to buy furniture online that I (a) know what it feels like and (b) have seen it before.

  • This has got to be one of my favourite interiors ever – just such a great mix of items. I love the idea of spray-painting a lamp to get your perfect colour… think I may need to give this a try!

  • wow, i love that a place with carpet is showcased. us carpet-dwellers need more inspiration!

  • Hi, i love the grey stripe bedding – where is this from please? your house is beautiful :)

  • Tell me where u got the rug in the front room or thw manufacturer of the rug please!!!

  • Hello. My husband is looking for a leather chair/chaise just like the one you have. Where did you find it? Thank you.

  • – i’m not sure who made the bedroom set.

    – bedding is the draper ash stripe from dwellstudio: http://www.dwellstudio.com/

    – yellow & white rug near the piano is from pottery barn (discontinued now, i think)

    – rug in the front room is anthropologie:

    – the leather chair/chaise is a vintage set found at a local thrift store

  • I really like the plate wall, especially the teal-ish peacock plate. Is it vintage or a new purchase? (I notice Lisa has one too).

  • the gray stripes remind me of the old gray striped uncomfortable mattresses of the 1950 era.
    theu look boring, not elegant. The yellow is the color of Gall Blader vomit. Not appealing at all.

  • Your home is so well put together, I love it! I, too, have the problem of having a living room that is narrow and it’s so difficult to configure the furniture in there and fitting a big TV! Your bedroom is my favorite, especially because I’ve been on the fence about buying that dwell duvet for some time but haven’t had the nerve to shelve out $280 for it… Also, where did your hubby pick up that gorgeous yellow lamp? I love the design!

  • What are your favorite thrift stores in the Phoenix area besides Goodwill? I’m in Prescott and we have a few here that are fun (e.g. Mid Century Madness) but would love to know where to go in the Valley!