new d*s guest blogger: lauren willhite of color collective!

Hi! I'm Lauren Willhite from the Color Collective blog. Grace kindly asked me to be a guest blogger here on Design Sponge, and I couldn't be more thrilled!

If you already follow Color Collective, then you know that I collect images from designers, photographers, and artists that inspire me, and create color palettes from those images. This week I will be focusing on interiors, and I have a little theme prepared for each day. As an added bonus for you lovely Design Sponge readers, I have matched the colors with Pantone numbers. I hope you enjoy!

I thought it would be appropriate to start off with pops of color…

Isn't this yellow kitchen amazing? I just love the shade of yellow with the white tiles. The details in the photograph are perfect: that mint green tin, the red tea kettle, the metallic storage tins. Yes, this kitchen would be a joy to cook in.

Room color doesn't always have to be about the walls. White walls with pops of color in the furniture and décor can be quite delightful! The turquoise couch and light green shelf make a great color combo. The Dining area in the right image is just my style with the simple and modern furniture, and brilliant color in the artwork.

Image 1: Scanned from The Color Design File, photo by James Merrell

Images 2 & 3: James Merrell

Rebecca C.

Oh my! Love, love, love that glowing kitchen!


from one color geek to another, thanks for the pantone matching. i LOVE it!

emma lamb

Congratulations Lauren!!!
I’m so thrilled to see you over here and will look forward to your lovely posts… :)
Emma x

Amy P - Brooklyn

Hi Lauren,
I’m confused by your Pantone code.
I’m a designer and am familiar with TC, TP, C, U, solid, process, etc
but have never heard of Pantone M.

Julie Buck

I love this! I would never have thought of creating a color palette this way, but now that I see it, it makes perfect sense! Bravo!



Yes! I love Color Collective. I’m so excited that Lauren is this week’s guest blogger.

agnes szucs

Welcome, Lauren! That’s a very nice addition over here. I’m an on-and-off visitor at Color Collective, and I love it! I love the photos you chose and I love the mostly muted color schemes that you create.

Ashley Yazzie

Very cool! I like your color break down of the color palettes. It’s fun to see the colors side by side and analyze why they translate so well together.


I’m excited about this! I’ve been trying to come up with colors to paint my dark and drab suite and this is just the inspiration I need. Thanks!


Thanks Lauren for posting the pantone #s, it’s so helpful when I see a yummy color that I must possess one way or the other! Looking forward to seeing more this week…



That yellow kitchen is FANTASTIC. I adore yellow but I don’t have the color eye you do and if I tried to recreate this it would turn into the awful 1970’s dried mustard yellow


Really enjoying the photos and bonus matching Pantone palette! Feeling inspired in so many ways after encountering this post. Inspiration is priceless!


The yellow kitchen looks fabulous! We were supposed to get that color for our kitchen but decided on asian green. Now I want it to be yellow! :)


I love this! As a interior designer, I’m a total color geek too! I so appreciate these beautiful palettes!


I am so adding your blog in my daily blog-list. Thank you so much for the inspiration !


I love the color and style of that kitchen. I would love to use more color in my rooms.

Ruby Rhino

Wow, i’m blown away by that kitchen – beautiful colours. Love your blog Lauren, I’m a new follower!


Love the artworks on the wall, who is the artist? (wine bottles and buildings) New follower!