national stationery show: homesteading (+food)

i keep bees on a rooftop in brooklyn and am absolutely enamored with the whole homesteading movement – i’d love to do some canning this summer (ashley, help!) so as grace and i walked through the NSS show, i was excited to see that the homesteading movement has reached stationery! and it wasn’t just bees – canning and veggies and food were all over the place – which honestly made it pretty hard to ignore my stomach rumble as i walked around the javits center! -amy a. [image above: calendar from pie bird press]

[image above: ‘in the kitchen’ card from old school stationers]

[image above: cow from hammerpress]

[image above: ‘in the kitchen’ card from old school stationers]

CLICK HERE for more homesteading at NSS!

[image above: ribbon from rose at the great lakes

[image above: bees from hammer press]

[image above: food silhouettes from snow queen press]

[images above: two ‘in the kitchen’ cards and an ‘animal portrait’ card from old school stationers]

[image above: carrots jotter from nightowl papergoods]

[image above: cards from gold teeth brooklyn]

[image above: bees! from pancake and franks]

[image above: bees from old school stationers]

[image above: more food silhouettes from snow queen press]

[image above:  ‘in the kitchen’ card from old school stationers]

[image above: snow queen press]

[images above: cute farming and bee card from rose at the great lakes]

[image above: ink and wit]


hooray! this is so exciting. during a recent visit to Terrain, I was thrilled to see so many fabulous food & nature related cards. looking forward to a few that focus on tea! :)


Love these cards and the ribbon. I especially like green beans and butter.

Carrie Brock

i’m very sad that i can’t buy these online. does anyone know of an online store which carries them?



these are all available from different shops online, it depends on the actual card and artist you’re talking about. we’ve linked to the designer under each card so just click that link, shoot them an email, and ask where they sell online :)



The NSS is still a wholesale market for retail stores. If you love these cards, this is a GREAT opportunity to support local home grown businesses and try NOT to shop online!

I purchased hundreds of cards at the show for my shop in Ohio- On Paper.

Most card studios will offer you a list of shops in your area that offer their line of cards… just ask, and many post these locations on their websites. More than ever your local shops needs your support!


Oh, these are gorgeous.

The thing I get a kick out of too…is how brooklyn always seems to have its own names for things we talk about here (in Vancouver Canada) with different words. Homesteading. Steampunk.

Anyway, my two cents on an *excellent* beginning canning book?
Well Preserved by Mary-Anne Dragan. I borrowed it from a friend and then bought my own because I had to make the pickled green beans, and spiced beets, and jalepeno jelly of course, and then the ketchup….



do people not use those words in canada? i’m pretty sure we didn’t invent them here in brooklyn- we get blamed for a lot of hipster jargon but i don’t think those are ours ;)


Farmgirl Susan

These designs are all so wonderful! I especially love the ‘Keep Canning’ and the bunch of carrots grocery list – and of course the 1st place pie. Homegrown vegetables are the best, but you gotta save room for pie. ;)

I’m really enjoying all these themed posts!