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national stationery show: final roundup (non-cards)

by Grace Bonney

today i’m nearing the end of my stationery show coverage, and thought it would be fun to take a quick break from cards and focus on some of the non-card items from the show. and don’t worry, i’m not talking about the seemingly endless amounts of booths selling crappy hannah montana binders and plastic tiaras (dear nss planners: i really wish that stuff was in an entirely different section of the show, labeled “crap”). instead i’m talking about some beautiful hand-stitched accessories, cool paper-based accessories, ceramics, candles, decorative tape, and a few shots of my favorite booth design form the show. stay tuned for the final stationery show post tomorrow! [image above: totem-pole inspired ceramics from imm living]

[image above: very cool coated paper jackets from pare]

[image above: wooden candle sticks from the great lakes]

[images above: stitchable gift tags and dog tags (so cute!) from amh design]

[image above: i loved this print from enormous champion]

CLICK HERE for 13 more great “non-card” designs from the NSS after the jump!

[image above: pom poms from cat seto. pure cuteness]

[image above: wooden feathers from the great lakes]

[image above: a hilarious “typestache” poster from old tom foolery. sorry for the cruddy picture]

[image above: pretty patterned tags from puro papel]

[image above: decorative tape (i wanted them all) and cute notebooks from sweet bella]

[image above: the random lighting at nss killed a lot of my photos so my shots don’t do this booth justice, but linda & harriet‘s booth was a gorgeous explosion of linen, color, and vintage postcards]

[image above: pretty bookmarks from kamal]

[image above: i wish this was my business card. these were seriously awesome biz cards being handed out at mr. boddington]

[image above: colorful new giftwrap from jean at eieio studio]

[images above: vintage stamps (we got to take some with us!) and pretty ribbons at angela liguori‘s booth]

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