national stationery show: cheeky + nautical trends

amy and i have been covering design show trends after the whirlwind that was last weekend’s icff and national stationery show. today we’re getting close to the end of our trend coverage, and are starting off the day with some additional trends we saw at the national stationery show: stationery with a “cheeky” twist and nautical imagery. be sure to check out the full selection of cards after the jump! [image above: nautical “dad” card from hammerpress]

[image above: whale mobile from enormous champion]

[image above: crab card by linda & harriett]

[image above: ship card by hammerpress]

[image above: cheeky coasters from gilah press]

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[image above: more cheeky coasters, cards, and wine stem tags from gilah press]

[image above: stationery from the hammerpress booth]

[image above: cards from the great lakes]

[image above: more cheeky stationery from sugarcube press]

[image above: underwater themed card from sugarcube press]

[image above: nautical calendars by sesame letterpress]

[image above: whale print by enormous champion]

[image above: whale card by ink + wit]


Have I missed something? I thought there were going to be a lot more posts from the ICFF….



hit refresh- there’s a 9am post about ICFF trends, along with 2 more after that (tomorrow and wednesday). if you missed the earlier posts (i’ve done 4 other ICFF posts already), the 9am post will have a link all to the previous posts. each post has at least 15-20 images in it, so i’ve posted a decent amount of ICFF so far ;)



i need a set of those ‘no babies yet?’ coasters…they crack me up! thanks for sharing, grace :)


Yay, thanks Grace! I DID miss the 9AM post. I also missed the show itself this year, which is why I’m grateful for your coverage.



glad you caught it- be sure to check out the links to the other posts as well, there were some great pieces in the posts i did last week. more coming up tomorrow, too :)


Alex Snowdon

Love the crab card pattern, so cute! and the cow quote coaster, sounds like something my gran would have said! Lovely things.


ooh thanks for sharing! the “buy the cow” quote is actually something my great grandmother did say to my mother! haha… also i am in love with the whale print by enormous champion… when can i buy one!



i don’t see them on their site yet, but they have card versions of the whales on their etsy shop :)



Keep those updates coming! So glad you can post for the rest of us to see :-) have a great weekend!


I love this! I do graphics for a wooden boat museum, and I’m always looking for fun nautical graphic ideas!