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LOST silkscreened prints by ty mattson

i don’t know if anyone reading is a big lost geek like i am, but i’m still a little sad about the show being over. sad like, i started crying again when i watched that episode of jimmy kimmel that my dvr recorded after the finale. so even though these posters aren’t brand new, i wanted to take a quick time out to post them and send a little internet farewell out to a show i’ll miss dearly. the posters, designed by ty mattson, are available on for $45.95 each.

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Huge Lost fan here! My husband and I couldn’t talk for about 5 min after the finale for all of our crying!

I’ve never bought a print of anything before, but I might have to get one of these!! Tooooo awesome! I think my favorite is the first one =)

This artist on deviantart made some cool Lost posters as well! Not as simple/stylistic as these ones, but still very cool:

Thanks for posting these!


I love these posters! I cried a lot during the finale and the Jimmy Kimmel after. Especially at the very end of the finale with Jack. *sniff*


I want a print of Charlie and Hurley being goofy on the golf course. That image always puts a smile on my face.


i am going to miss LOST so much. i was sad last night when i realized it was tuesday and there wasn’t a new episode. thanks for the nice send-off grace.


I completely agree… I’m already having withdrawals! I think that last one has my name on it… ;)

Liz E.

I’m a big Lost fan too…and I am so sad to see it end. I sat mesmerized for the entire night – with bouts of tears filling my eyes. Yes – it may just be a television show, but it was also a collective journey. It will be missed!


sorry for my english, it is incredible how all over the world we are united for the same feeling of sadness, iam in spain, and my family have been with lost since the beginning…..

Lauren Penn

These are awesome!!! I’m a long time Lost fan and I can’t believe that I now understand Trekkies…. almost. I may need some Lostie art to collect!


i’m still sad, too! love how these are subtly lost that only a true lost geek would know what the mean.


Loved Lost so much. My girlfriend even writes (well, wrote) a blog about it for OK! Magazine. I’m sad to see it go, but these fantastic posters will help it to live on!

Ty Mattson

Thanks so much for sharing my work! Such an honor to be featured on Design*Sponge!! I’m a huge fan of the site!

Oh, and the prints are $45.95 …not $49.95 :)

Jill Hathaway

I cried too!! such an end of an era. Thanks for sharing these, I need to buy one just to remember the show by.


What a bummer, sold out! I wanted to get my husband the LAX screenprint for his birthday! Whah!


It’s that feeling of NO more Lost..leaves you sort of empty! But some Lost artwork on my wall to remind myself daily of how great it was seems like a great idea!


great prints. May I request a “Living In: Lost” soon? Thanks!


I haven’t watched the finale yet because I don’t want it to end! But it helps a little to read these comments and know I am not the only one in mourning.


Living in: Lost –
Blue tarp, check;
Oceanic Cola, check;
otherMother’s scary knife? check…


I cried by the end of that last episode. Hard.

Every Tuesday my brother and I would “get our Lost on”. Now what to do on Tuesdays.


Girl, you are not alone. I’ve been living in a daze since Sunday and I feel like I just lost (har har) a friend.


Hello, my name is Caroline, I’m from Brazil and I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now, and I love it.. (I first found out about it last year when I was living in New Jersey) I’ve never made a comment before, but this time I just wanted to say that I’m a huge Lost fan, and I know exactly how you feel.


Mandeep Khunkhuna

These screen prints are great. I love the retro look that they have to them, especially the last one. That print has a cut out look to it that, i personally, think makes it stand out from the rest. In the other three prints the lines are more crisp and sharp, in comparison to the last print which doesn’t really follow the edge of the image.


Those are fantastic. I will have to get one. I got five seasons of Lost on Bluray last night, we sat down and restarted the series. My son has never seen it and I have only watched it once and its been six years since it started. Fantastic picture. We were up till 1 am.


yeah I heard about these, if your a fan you know exactly what each one is and its a cool reminder. Lost is awesome.


I’m going to miss LOST a lot!! But thankfully I have the dvds and can watch them over and over again. The posters are great!

eileen Kim

buying the dharma bus poster NOW.

@renee: watch LOST. it’s never too late. this show is a classic.

Elizabeth W

so glad to read that i wasn’t the only one sobbing like a little baby during the finale. (i’m still working through denial stage of my grief!)


I even decorated a cake commorating this unique series. I watched it from the very beginning. Didn’t know about these posters. Love them!

Grant Brookes

I had missed the last few episode of LOST, finished them watching on Netflix, but these graphics are really amazing! loved them all!

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