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living in: the darjeeling limited

by amym

I want to take a spiritual quest through India on a train. I want a monogrammed set of louis vuitton luggage with little drawings of rhinos. I want to develop a rapport with Adrien Brody and by rapport I mean I want to have his babies. Sometimes it’s hard to live in a world where we are so programmed to want want want. But thinking about it too much is a drag cause all I really WANT do is watch The Darjeeling Limited over again.

airmail envelopes $6, matta scarf $133, aviator sunglasses $11, steamline “aviator” series luggage $131+, (My snake fear prohibited my researching places to buy one online. So yeah. If you want to buy one online, good luck with that.) indian oil lamp $23, red beaded necklace $74, peacock feathers $9, ganesha bell hall hanging $50.

Okay, so truth be told the whole Wes Anderson thing is not without it’s annoyances. But even I can get over the cliquish, predictable deadpan deliveries and dork out over the stuff, because what Anderson does well is stuff. Nostalgic, waspy stuff is generally stuff I can get behind. I’ve been heckled from day one by countless of you to do a post on that other movie he did, you know the one with the precocious children and track suits from the 70s. All in good time, my children, all in good time. But for now, can we just focus our attention on what’s really important here? Have you no respect for Adrien Brody? For shame. –amy m.

bubble wall clock $98, john robshaw printed dhurrie $100 for a 2X3, indian door hanging $25, elephant cuff $190, john robshaw pichhwai pillow $100, fleur-de-lys tumblers $32/ set of 4, vintage stainless steel teapot $10, bamboo tray $13, rachel comey leather sandals $298.

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  • That movie is wonderful for inspiring women to want to have Adrien Brody’s babies. Great finds, they really capture the feel of the movie…which made me want to hop a train across India myself!

  • All hail Adrien Brody! I agree with every praise you’ve given him. He makes me proud to be Jewish (even though I’m not technically jewish…I can dream, right?)

    love, rudi

  • OMG! I stayed at The Jane hotel in NYC last week and kept saying I felt like I was ‘Living in The Darjeeling Limited’, how apropos. Great movie! Great post! Great hotel!

  • I love this! Just a suggestion – anyone who has the DVD needs to watch the extras. They show the details of the hand painted train, and it’s amazing!

  • Another Adrien Brody fan here! I’m still waiting for the release of his movie Manolete. Double bonus w/ this movie is Jason Schwartzman, who is so cute too!

  • Visually, Wes Anderson movies are some of my favorites so it was really exciting to see this post. I want that luggage!

  • Love love love the darjeeling ltd, and definately not so much the ‘other’ movie. Certainly wouldn’t complain about developing a rapport with Adrian either!

  • Ditto on Adrien Brody… let’s do a sneak peek with him (it doesn’t have to be dirty, I guess)! I just imagine him having a fainting chaise in every room for his female guests and a prodigious library.

    Yes, I want to recreate the travel in this movie with my brothers too. And I want us to do it in matching linen suits.

  • Love it! Thanks, Amy! I’m geeking out on this… can’t wait for the ultimate in Living In, with that OTHER W.A. flick!

  • We just got back from a trip to India and watched the movie again–I couldn’t believe it but we had unknowingly sent ourselves on their trip! From the train station to that rock with the elephant to the market in Jodhpur with the amazing fort in the background… that was our trip!? We looked slightly less dapper, however, and so I’ll be making up for that now. Thank you!

  • I am still obsessed with these colors – I cr0chet hot pads and baby blankets in orange and yellow and turquoise all the time. My shop’s theme colors are hot pink and orange, but it’s definitely inspired by Wes Anderson’s amazing art direction.

  • Kismet! when I clicked on Design Sponge and saw this, I was listening to the soundtrack.

    I love that train. And everything else. Thanks for doing this!

  • I love this column! Not only have I picked up and used cute ideas for my flat, but I’ve watched a number of films I’d otherwise never have come across. Maybe one day you’ll do a Living In: Chocolat…. :-)

  • I LOVE The Darjeeling Ltd!! I keep watching it…the colors, that train!, those boys…
    psst – you can get that scarf & JR goodies in my shop too :)

  • I have such a visceral reaction to snakes that I immediately shut my laptop and screamed a little! I love the movie though, and your column, so I braced myself to open it back up and just skip past that little photo.

  • Oh my goodness, Miss Merrick, I hope that making people’s day is one of the reasons you do this column, because you seriously just made mine. Thank you!

  • The last vacation my husband and I took we treated it like a spiritual getaway inspired by the movie. it was so relaxing and fun.

  • I am nowhere near getting married, but when I saw that movie I vowed that I would use those colors in my wedding. I can’t remember much of the story line, but I still have images of the deep, saturated colors stuck in my mind. I probably won’t go for the whole Indian style, just the color palatte. But, oh my, what a wedding it will be – some day in the distant future…

  • Great post, beautiful, beautiful film…And not even one of Wes Anderson’s best! How about a living in: the Royal Tenenbaums?!

  • You can have Adrian’s babies over my cold, dead, shriveled uterus. That man and his nose belong to ME.

    Also? I want the lighting in this film. Any tips on how to get sultry, golden, Indian sun? In New York?

  • This post just made my day! I LOVE this movie, it’s my favorite Wes Anderson flick. Thanks so much for choosing this film.

  • i feel like wes anderson’s films are a “living in” in their own right! like, at least half the pleasure (for me) is the places he creates–the rooms and walls and houses and objects become character in themselves. so, yeah. obviously i love it.

    another awesome “living in”!

    sometimes i wish there was a separate “living in” blog so we could all get our fixes regularly ;)

  • Adrien Brody waited for his airplane with us at the British Airways lounge last summer in London. I can see why you’d like to have his babies!

  • These choices are spectacular and spot-on!
    We own this film– and adore it. I must say it surprised me with both its heart and its sad/melancholy side. It’s truly Wes Anderson, and he doesn’t pull any punches, even if the setting is dreamy.

    Lastly, it wasn’t until Adrien Brody that I understood the expression “weak in the knees.”

  • Great Post! I love this film and desperately want monogrammed LV luggage. I’m off to India myself and have an overnight train to catch – fingers crossed my train is just like The Darjeeling Ltd!! Sweet Lime and all

  • Wonderful stuff! Is it naff that my dream home would be made up of rooms themed to “Living In” posts? *sigh*

  • I L♥VED this movie! I thought the colours were so amazing, and the soundtrack was SO GREAT!

    Clearly, as someone posted earlier, the soundtrack is actually available~ Will be purchasing. :^)

    My other all-time favourite is ‘Rushmore’. There’s plenty of style-candy in that one too…..merely a suggestion….



  • I can’t believe I haven’t seen this! It’s gone right into my queue. I did see the “other” Wes Anderson movie and found myself a little confused about the decade it was taking place in. I get the sense this would movie would blur the same lines.

    Although, the first time I saw Napoleon Dynamite I was confused on the decade for that as well. Now THAT would be a hilarious “Living In”…

  • Two Wes Anderson’ movies “Living In ” in few weeks time, you’re a Wes’ fan too!! Great idea.
    Darjeeling Ltd., is MY movie. The one I refered everything to, as well as The Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore.
    I wish i was the fourth brother and living in Wes decor.

  • I just love this movie – one of my favorites – visually & the story is great too. Whomever put this blog together just ‘gets it’. I so enjoy your articles especially this one.. Trying to figure out a way to save/revisit this story- web -board. So inspiring!

  • Love, love, love this movie! I think Wes Anderson does an amazing job creating unique spaces for his characters, which is one of the reasons I love his movies! Great post

  • Love Wes, not so much on Adrien. I would, however, have Owen’s babies in a heartbeat. Yes, I know that he bears an eery resemblance to Dennis Hopper (the nose, people), but he’s just too cute!

    And I really want that luggage!

  • I love this! I have a magazine tear-out of the luggage, which was my favorite thing. I believe they were illustrated by Eric Chase Anderson, Wes’s brother who also did The Royal Tenenbaums. They one of a kind (of course!) and were auctioned off for charity or something. Sigh. But I have my tear-out, and now this fabulous post! Please do The Royal Tenenbaums next!

  • AHHH! This is amazing.

    Wes Anderson movies are my FAVORITE. The colors in this one are amazing.

    Also, I have almost clicked purchase on that luggage many times…but check out the dimensions, the sizes that are in stock aren’t very big.

  • Awesome! I laughed out loud when I read your line
    “and by rapport I mean I want to have his babies”. :-)
    He really is adorable.

    I had actually never heard of this movie – have to check it out! I’ve always wanted to visit India (my Mom and I read all the British Imperial novels when I was a teenager) but it’s still just a dream.

  • Oh, girl. I don’t laugh out loud that often while hunched over my laptop, but you are funny. And I’m with you on the Brody front. Apparently there seems to be a queue, however, for the guy with the vocabulary and the nose. The downside to your piece is the discovery that he drives a Hummer (?!) Say it ain’t so!

  • I loved this movie, although not as much as the one with the precocious children (once that boy died in the darjeeling limited, it kind of ruined it a bit for me). Once it was over, I rushed to my computer to find that exact Louis Vuitton luggage (I didnt know at the time it was LV luggage), and I had my plastic out ready to spend up to a grand for this luggage (ha, i know right, only 1 grand, still I didnt know it was LV)..anyway, I found out the luggage was not only custom made and was limited edition for the movie, but there was an auction to sell the luggage for charity, and the auction had already happened a month prior. Needless to say im happy I didnt find out about the auction in time, because I would have ended up spending 3k for a makeup case…

    I do wish someone would make copies of that luggage…it was another character in the movie.

  • I love the attention of detail that goes into Anderson’s movies. I like re-watching his films because I always notice new elements in the rich set designs. Nice post!

  • With the (sad) demise of Gino on the UES, I’ve got such a hankering for the Scalamandre zebra wallpaper, seen in Margot Tenenbaum’s room. I know it was resurrected in 2007 – does anyone know if it’s still available for sale (in red, green, or yellow)?

  • Have you ever seen The Brothers Bloom? It’s another Adrien Brody movie. I saw it for the first time last week and it is definitely in my top 10. Sooo pretty! I would love to see a
    “Living In” post about it!

  • Such a great post. I love the style of all his movies, but especially this one. Any idea where one could get the pajamas they wear on the train?

  • Would love to see a living in on the 1969 James Bond “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”

  • For a minute, I thought you guys meant Wes Anderson drove a Hummer, so for that minute I had to go through a ontologimorality crisis. (To wit: Our fair herpetophobic design maven’s snide commentary aside, Wes Anderson is one of the rare reasons why I can still care about capital-intensive escapism produced to enhance popcorn and sodapop sales. Ergo, if Wes Anderson drives a Hummer, do I still exist?)

    Then I realized: Duh. Of course. Adrian Brody drives a Hummer. No kidding. Who couldn’t’ve guessed that (given 120 seconds)? Keep your wee, lanky, dog-eyed, sociopathic babies to yourselves, ladies. I’m just relieved my confidence in Mr. Anderson’s been restored.