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living in: stand by me

The only way I can forgive Brooklyn for this sweltering early heat wave is by closing my eyes and internally channeling summer vacation. No school. No shoes. No responsibilities. Instead, it’s sizzling and I’ve been stuck in a coffee shop with no fans for 6 hours putting this together (I’ve also been unintentionally channeling old school summer vacation because my internet at home has been broken for, gasp, a whole week!). That’s neither here nor there. Because through the humid haze, a vision of 12 year old Amy Merrick is living out herStand by Me fantasies. Me, with my best friends, on an epic summer quest. Over hill and dale. Train tracks. Campfires. Corey Feldman. That’s how things should be, forever and ever.

Pendelton Chief Joseph blanket $198, aluminum mess kit $10, wayfarer glasses $3, square pie iron $20, 14k dog tag $435, blueberry pie $16.95, vintage camp stool $38, Archival Clothing flap musette $110, bandana $1.

But things ain’t like that, so we learn to cope the best we can. We will never pal around with a cute teenaged Corey Feldman. We will never have to outrun a speeding train. We (pray-to-the-lord) will never have to remove 3 inch long swamp leaches from our naked bodies. But we WILL remember to up the wanderlust tomboy thing this summer. Brooklyn or no, boys, I will be there with you in spirit. -amy m.

Sabatino striped tee $190, Duluth bed roll $200, deck of cards $13.95 for a pack of 10, bone handled pocket knife $56, classic coke bottles $8 for a 6 pack, vintage coleman cooler $18, s’more kit $23, PF Flyer high tops $50, tortoise comb $4.

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This has been one of my favorite movies for as long as I can remember. I picked up a vintage canteen from a Goodwill a few weeks ago and it made me picture those boys walking along the railroad tracks.



i love this movie and watched it a million times as a kid.


this is my favorite movie ever and you have no idea how happy this makes me!


This is the opposite of a total Barf-o-rama!


Great movie. I think I’ll dig out the dvd tonight.

Summer as a kid. I don’t think anything will ever top that one.


I love this! What a great post. “‘Have gun will travel’ reads the card of a man…”


Omg!! Stand by me is one of my all time favorite movies, I love that you used it to create a style board.. such a great idea. The scenes you posted take me back to being a kid!



Oh, awesome. This feels just like my childhood, growing up with a bunch of boys.


One of my hubby’s favorite movies. I actually like the girls version (Now and Then), but this was a good movie.


$119 for a striped t-shirt reminds me more of the worst parts of adulthood than of the freedom of summer vacation.


I saw this movie in the theatre 3x when it was released. I was 12 yrs old and in love with River! I wish I could go back in time. I miss the 80’s !!!!


Lolly-pop, lolly-pop! Hi there, Amy. Thanks so much for including our Coleman cooler, especially in this round-up! Love the column and An Apple A Day… you are one neat lady to be sure. Cheers!


Nice post. I love this movie as well! Shout out to Archival Clothing, their bag was featured. My husband has one of the musette’s and just loves it.

Theoretical Shopaholic

Missing the most important part of all – Annette Funicellos’ shirt from the Mickey Mouse Club!

Another huge fan of the movie. Makes me think of lazy Sunday afternoons (when it usually airs on TV). Yet another one for the files of ‘I can’t believe it was written by Stephen King!’


Def favorite kids movie…Whats the magic word :)
Great soundtrack
But Rob Reiner kinda sucks doh
Neverthless, Stiven Kings adaptation, always small places…hm R we still talkin abt clothes here?


Pendleton!!!! Why do you torture me so? Thank you for this post, I can’t wait to get back to Mammoth Caves for some camping!!

stacey bord

Grace, don’t forget to do a post, “Living in: Sophie’s Choice.” As heavy as the movie is, everything there is just so beautiful.


“Have gun will travel reads the card of a man
A knight without armor in a savage land
His fast gun for hire heeds the calling wind
A soldier of fortune is a man called Paladin
Paladin Paladin where do you roam Paladin Paladin far far from home”


I love this movie!! What a great collection that completely embodies the feel of the movie.


Brilliant! One of the best movies of all time. So fun to see from where you draw inspiration;-)


all time favorite. i feel like i know this movie inside and out. when i was teaching group communication, i did a group analysis of this movie and had the best time. excellent post.


you should totally do a post on the female equivalent of this, “now & then”…i’ve been watching it lately for all of the same reasons

it’s got bikes & tarot & ’60s pop & libraries & keds &….


Amazing! Stand By Me is one of my favorite movies. What an awesome, post…totally made me smile!


Ah! Stand by Me, one of the greatest movies of all time, great pick!

Kamma Krogh

I completely forgot about this film, it’s so good :) think i might rewatch it after reading this. great post !


I loved this movie, thanks for reminding me of it! Such great post!


I always find your movie choice and writing hilarious! Thanks for making me smile :)


Brilliant film….that bit with the leechs makes me whince every time – ouch!

But what the hell is that square chocolate sandwich thing? Don’t recall that little snack.

signe schineller

What a lovely, creative and cool blogg! YEH!! That picture with the grey elefant just RULES: Gotta get med one of those. Glad I found your blogg, will definately come back!! PS: Love the color collages with the shoes and all. Which programme does that?? Have a nice day. Signe, from Norway



it’s a s’more: a classic american campfire snack made with graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows.



i think you had to have seen this movie as a kid because I watched it in college and just don’t understand the appeal.


THIS WAS SO EFFING COOL. You got it perfect! Loved it :)

Duluth Pack

Great movie! Thanks for the mention. As a loyal employee of Duluth Pack we are proud to still be hand making our bedrolls and packs in the same factory in Duluth for 100 years!


My parents used to have that cooler. Memories of softball games long past.

Seth Forester

OK so let’s go over the things mentioned in this article in reference to cost. Most of the items here are far over priced. Here’s a list and names of places to get those same objects for much less:

Sabatino striped tee $190 – $5.98 Toughskins Boy’s Striped Shirt.

deck of cards $13.95 for a pack of 10 – LINK Playing Cards $1.25

bone handled pocket knife $56 – $9.79

PF Flyer high tops $50 – $39.99

You’re welcome.


ha! i love this post. we had that exact same coleman cooler growing up. and i know that my mom still has it! brings back memories of so many picnics and softball games. thank you!


I’m glad I’m not the only one who thought these were way over priced.
Isn’t a $120 t-shirt and $200 blanket kinda unfitting for a movie about kids in the 50’s?
Even $23 for a s’mores kit is pretty dang funny, seeing as how you can make a ton of them for about $5.

I do like this though. I guess I’ll just skip the pricing section from now on.



this column isn’t about looking for low-priced versions of things- it’s about achieving a look and feel of a specific movie. we have a budget column on d*s every week (along with other affordable product posts every week) so this is a chance to escape a bit, re-live a favorite movie, and look at pieces (pricey and not) that are in-line with the movie’s style.



oh! my favorite “living in” yet! Love this movie & those red high tops. my family had that exact coleman cooler growing up.


Oh I love this movie and “living in”. I think I going to watch it again with my son. It’s a beautiful move.


Not everything needs to be budget. Part of the appeal of this kind of site is the indulgence factor.

The “Living In” posts are great at capturing the feel, look, and mood of the inspiration film. But in this particular case, some of those price tags seem at odds with the very mood the collection is trying to capture.


I adore this – especially the camper pie maker!

The “Living In” posts are my favorites…would love to see one of the movie “Valley Girl!”

ludmilla rossi

Hello, I´m from Brazil and watch this movie when I was a kid. It was one of the most remarkable films of my childhood, specially for the leeches scene!


What a coincidence! I loved this movie when it came out and this weekend I plan to rent it for my 11 year old son. Wow, I never would thought when watching this movie first time around that 20 years later I’d be watching with my son. It’s a classic!

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